Today I feel like a sailor, so I sailed to south of France to tell you curious facts about Marseille, the most oriental of the French cities. Kids will love it, follow me!Tapsy Tour of Marseille with kids

Sooo many facts about Marseille can be told, my little friends!

I remember when I was a mole-pirate and I used to sail to this beautiful city, drinking maple syrup with my travel mates… so many memories! As a great Marseille expert, I can lead you on a marvelous tour of the city.

Also, I know facts about Marseille that you people wouldn’t believe… no, kidding, you can totally believe them, they are amazing!

Come with me and let’s know more!


The famous writer Alexandre Dumas said that Marseille is the place where the world meets, probably for its huge port. If you take a walk around there, it really seems to be in the right spot to meet people from all over the world! English pubs beside the great square, where Arabic musicians play their local songs. French, Spanish, Italian, German, English people walking, Japanese tourists taking pictures, Brazilians dancers having fun on the street. It is like having a look to the world!

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One of the funniest fact about Marseille is that it was founded in 600 B.C. by Greeks from Focea, which is actually Turkey. Maybe this is why the city, in a certain way, looks very Turkish! A bit chaotic, bizantine, Marseille really looks like a south-mediterranean city.

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Speaking of facts about Marseille, do you know anything about the Santons? They are little pottery statues, typical from Marseille and used in the Nativity scene. In 1700 kids used to play with those little statues and a legend says that having a Santons is a good protection for your house. Don’t forget to buy some for your children and for your house too!

Curious facts about Marseille on Tapsy Blog


Children will have fun discovering the old city and the soap shop! The most famous fact about Marseille is its history of soap. Used for centuries, it was well known for its presumed medicinal properties. Today you can smell it everywhere through the streets of the old city, you will find it in nice baskets, colorful and scented.

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Marseille is not just Marseille. Just outside the city, the beautiful Calanques National Park is waiting for you and your children. You can do some hiking, swimming in the beautiful sea (the weather is usually pretty good until October!) or just take a walk on the wild side of Marseille, a proper pearl of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Marseille is the best pied à terre to visit the entire Provence region. It is about 45 minute/ 1 hour from the best attractions: lavender fields, little medieval town, roman archeological sites, incredible vineyards and cellars (only for parents!). Provence is such a magical place. Getting lost in the nature will be an exciting experience for children.

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