Some of the best kid-friendly destinations in Europe to visit with this summer and over, and over. Because Europe always deserves to be discovered!

Which are the best kid-friendly destinations in Europe this summer? The answer is “depends on what are you looking for!“. Europe offers a wide range of different experiences and holidays, perfect for kids. But what are you looking for exactly? Don’t get mad and plan your holiday considering which kind of experience you would like to live the most with kids. Come with Tapsy!

best kid-friendly destinations in europe


Art and culture: straight to Italy!

It is always one of the best kid-friendly destinations in Europe and a must-see for both adults and kids. Italy offers an incredible range of different experiences perfect for kids, especially with regards to art and culture. The extraordinary and various art heritage is amazing for give kids the possibility to really understand the evolution of history, society and habits across the centuries. If you want to make kids really understand culture and secrets of the main spots, book a Tapsy tour with me! During this special summer, I am offering some special tours you can do on your own, it’s so easy! A map for the kids, a map for you and many many gadget, surprises, advices and cultural references to live a urban adventure away from big groups and crowds. Contact me to know more!

Best kid-friendly destinations in Europe for bike tours: the Netherlands!

I know kids are full of energies but, when we talk about bike trips, less places are more organized and easy to visit like the Netherlands! Miles and miles of flat land, bike lines and stunning landscapes to admire, lost in the windmills! Both cities and countryside are made for bikes, and kids can run safe everywhere, as there is a great respect for bikers and rules. You can book bike tours or go on your own, all the tracks are signposted and made for everybody, beginners and experts. Try it out!

Cruising canals and rivers: Germany!

From Rhine to the stunning Danube, going to Holland and Flanders, Germany is sooo perfect to explore by cruising on a river! An extraordinary and relaxing way to cross the Continental Europe with kids, being sorrounded by nature all the time and getting the possibility to visit some of the most beautiful German cities and much more! Medieval towns, highlands and valleys to discover with kids.

best kid-friendly destination in europe

Interrail with kids: France!

One of the best kid-friendly destinations in Europe if you are looking for a train adventure with you children. France has a huge rail network who connect pretty much all the country, from north to south. Precise and punctual, french trains can bring you to discover all the beauties of the south, the wonders of Normandy, the secrets of Paris, the quiet of the little cities of the east side.

best kid-friendly destination in europe

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