Still looking for places to go and live great Easter family holidays in Europe? Check my personal list of the coolest spots to explore to have an amazing time with kids!

Easter family holdays in France_Tapsy Blog

Easter is a busy time to travel, true, but it is also a great chance to explore Europe at its best.

Old traditions, amazing food, religion, special events and good weather make this period one of the best times ever to visit Europe with your family. Children will have soooo much fun learning about different cultures and lifestyle all around the continent.

I did my researches and I’ve selected for you the best spots for your Easter family holiday this year, you will love it!


History and religion grew up together and so did some solid Easter’s traditions. Spain is definitely the place to be to explore and learn a lot about local lifestyle related to this period of the year.

Semana Santa in Spain with kids_Tapsy Blog

Kids will be fascinated by the complexity of the parades. Parental advisor: the Semana Santa is first of all a religious event and Spain is a very religious country, so expect crowds and high prices. If you are looking for the most famous Semana Santa, go to Seville: its parade was declared event of public interest, with 60 fraternities on the street day and night for the whole period. The oldest one? Probably in Malaga, here the Semana Santa lasts from the Catholic Kings period. The longest one? In Cartagena, Murcia: it lasts 10 days! I loved it so much that I’ve decided to plan my next tour over there, coming soon!

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Easter family holidays in Italy mean basically 2 things: religion (of course) and food. Did I mention food? Each region has its special and local tradition and this period is a great moment to discover what it means living the Italian life in Italy.

Are you planning to visit Rome, the Eternal city? Easter time is strictly related to a specific day, the Good Friday, when the Pope himself takes the Colosseum for the traditional Via Crucis. You can do a Tapsy tour of the city during the day – choosing between Ancient and Classic Rome – and enjoy some traditional local food, like the ‘pizza al formaggio’, a super tasty cheese bread!

Easter family holiday in Rome_Tapsy Blog

If in Naples, prepare yourself: Easter food here is a serious thing! Pastiera, first of all: a local cake based on wheat, candies, ricotta and many other ingredients. Nothing better to taste after a Tapsy Tour of Pompeii!

easter family holiday in Pompeii with kids


Go to France, go south, head to Marseille, have a Tapsy Tour of the city, then go to Provence. Once you finished, repeat! South of France is a never-ending fun family time. Easter family holidays here are the perfect period to enjoy the sun, strolling through the old city of Marseille and then discovering the lavender fields in Provence. Don’t miss to visit Aix-en-Provence, fountain city and Arles, where Van Gogh lived for a long time and developed the perfection of light in his paintings. Both are just one hour far away from Marseille and are perfect for children, totally walkable and safe for an amazing French family time!


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