How to make e-learning for kids a memorable and various experience to do at home? Tapsy has got some useful tips for you!

Here it comes that season when e-learning for kids becomes crucial again. Many schools have reopen but still struggling with some days (or every day!) of distance learning for many children. Sometimes home is too crowd or noisy to have them really focused on what they have to do. Solutions? I have some for you: follow the mole!


Let them use more than one environment

Do they get distracted or bored during the e-learning session? Allow kids to have more than one place in the house for studying, make the lesson mobile. If the weather is good, make them stay outside. If you can, bring them somewhere else! Like a coffee shop or in a library. You could work at your laptop and they can study on their one.

e-learning for kids

Be flexible

Kids who have to learn from home have scheduled timetables for the lessons they have in the morning. But when they must do their homework, be flexible! The goal is providing a structured but easy schedule: kids know what to expect next, so they should know they will do science before math, but not every day at the same time. Let’s change a bit! It’s good for their creativity and problem solving.

E-learning for kids: have a cultural break!

It’s break time? Fill it with culture! For example, they could have a virtual tour of ancient Rome with me and my special live interactive tour. Tapsy Discover Club @Home is available and ready to bring kids into a fantastic journey across the most famous roman spots…without living the house! An expert and kid-friendly guide is there to answer all the questions kids will make and to teach them more about ancient roman uses in a fun and engaging way! Visit my website¬† or write me at for further info!

E-learning for kids: make them use their hands

Hours and hours spent at the desk is not exactly the best for kids health, so better to alternate homework with practical activities, like making cookies together, play in the backyard, learning something new by making it. It is the perfect solution to keep them busy but now always with the same stuff. Change is always good and days should never be the same: this rule is valid for both kids and adults!

e-learning for kids

Hobbies, please!

Your kids would have their personal interests, like every human. As they learn very fast, don’t forget to break their schoold duties with something they are really interested in. Playing instruments? Great! Do some sport? Even better. Painting, do science labs, everything is ok when it matches their interest.

Did you enjoy my advice? What do you usually do to make e-learning for kids a great experience? Comment below, I am curious to know more about it!

e-learning for kids



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