How to plan a trip to Italy on your own and don’t get mad? Try to follow some simple advice here and enjoy a slow, smooth family holiday. Ready to go?

Can’t wait to come to Italy? I feel you, families. This could be the quietest summer ever in the Belpaese, as not so many people can come visiting this year. If you have budget, possibility and time, this is a great chance.

So how to plan a trip to Italy on your own? Find here some useful tips to plan a perfect holiday with some perfect tours inside!


Choose the right place

Italy could appear as a little country, but – as they say – “nella botte piccola c’√® il vino buono” (good wine is always in the small barrell): so better if you focus on a specific area, because Italy is FULL of things to see and do and your family may need a lifetime to visit them all!

Select things to do in advance

It might sound silly, but planning in advance is always a good idea. I mean, I like last minute ideas, but if you travel with kids you know that organization is the key. So if you can book restaurants and activities, do it. Do you like to explore on your own? Then you should definitely try my Tapsy kit! A series of itineraries created for all that families out there who want to be free to do a tour when they want, with the right tools for kids and parents. My kit contains a map for adults and one for children, plus some super fun gadgets! I am working on itineraries in Naples, Bari, Alberobello, Palermo, Rome, Florence and many other cities. Speaking of Rome, you can find me on board Roma Open Bus with a special Tapsy kit to enjoy the city from a different point of view! More info & booking at

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How to plan a trip to Italy on your own: use trains

Did you know that Italy as a huge network of railways from north to south? If you plan carefully your itinerary, you can easily move using trains from one place to another. You will enjoy the ride with your kids and use less the car, which is recommended only to reach small villages not served by trains.

Go to unusual paths

Speaking of, be curious. Italy is not just only big art cities and famous spots. It is a land beautiful from the top to the bottom, so left the usual path and go exploring the countryside, the small villages by the sea, or the stunning mountains of north and central Italy. Kids can run free and enjoy the little pleasures of a simple life. Don’t we deserve it now?

how to plan a trip to italy on your own

Take your family time

Don’t rush, take your time. Traveling has not to be stressing, it should be the right moment to reconnect with the family, turn off worries from your mind, enjoy every second. Italy is the perfect place to get in touch with peace and beauty (and food and art and good mood…), so don’t miss the chance!



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