Are you curious to know the most interesting and fun facts about Barcelona? Follow me in my Tapsytrip, you will discover the best of the city of dragons!

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How much do I love Barcelona? A lot. It is one of the most Tapsylicious cities I have ever visited, also because it is full of curiosities! Lots of facts about Barcelona can be told, my little friends, and I am here to teach you everything I know about this fantastic place.


I am sure you know Barcelona has its own flag, the Catalonian one. One of the most curious facts about Barcelona regards the flag: according to a legend, it was born when King Charles the Bald draw four red stripes with his bloodied fingers on Wilfried the Hairy’s golden shield. Wilfried was his precious ally, dead during the war to save Catalonia from the Moors. Probably you will also know catalan is the official language, but maybe you didn’t know this is also the official language used at school! Children learn everything in catalan and do a couple of hours of castillan every week.

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One of the facts about Barcelona that I always like to share during my tours regards the Cathedral. Not just a ‘pretty face’, but a place full of history and a curious fact: it is defended by thirteen geese, squawking and funny! Legend says they are there, in the cloister, to defend it from any possible enemy. Why thirteen? It was the age of Saint Eulalia, Barcelona’s martyr, when she was killed by the Romans after being tortured in thirteen different ways.

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Don’t trust Game of Thrones! Barcelona is the one and only city of dragons: they are everywhere along the city centre. In fact, one of the most curious facts about Barcelona is Sant Jordi’s legend, about a dragon which used to live here and eat both animals and people! One day, the Princess herself was about to be sacrified and eaten by the dragon, until a knight, killing the dragon, saved her. From its blood a garden of roses was born and the knight gave one of the roses to the Princess. Today Sant Jordi’s day is the most popular festival in town, made for lovers!

I always love to share this facts about Barcelona, I am such a romantic mole sometimes!

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Children will have the time of their life visiting and exploring the nine UNESCO world heritage sites of Barcelona. Most of them are made by the famous architect Antoni Gaudì, certainly the most representative person of Catalonia! Parc Guell, Casa Battlò, Casa Milà, the Sagrada Familia facade are just some of his marvelous buildings and gardens. They seem to be made for childrens’ fun! Sooo colorful, mysterious, every time I get there I feel like I am in a sort of fairy tale!

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