Italy, that’s amore! If you are planning a trip to the most TAPSYlicious European country, please don’t miss Matera 2019: the European Capital of Culture is a unbelievable place.
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History, mystery, art, food, Italian mood at its best, Matera 2019 is ‘the place to be’ with kids in Italy this year. Go before everybody run over there, this must be a crowded year for the southern Italy’s pearl. Also, you have the perfect excuse to explore one of the most authentic areas of the Belpaese, strolling between Basilicata and Puglia.

Tapsy’s advice: you can easily combine a visit to the European Capital of Culture with other amazing places for kids, like Alberobello. Come with me for a great tour of the Trulli Houses and then enjoy Matera at its best.

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Because it’s new, it’s fascinating, it’s not the usual Italian destination. Matera worked hard to become Capital of Culture, with a special focus on digital technology and innovation. A place like Matera is totally made for kids. Its historic centre is an amazing time journey, it is called Sassi di Matera and tells the story of the city since its very beginning, in the Paleolithic.

No cars, just walking: kids will be safe while they enjoy secrets and mysteries of the city. Matera is a place like no one else in the world, UNESCO site.

History and modernity, no barriers, a visionary city that looks at the future, that’s why Matera has been chosen as European Capital of culture.

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As European Capital of Culture 2019, Matera has developed a huge program of events, all over the year. Art, music, exhibitions, performances, circus, science, sport, street art, theatre, dance, digital life. All you have to do is choose! Most of the events are children-welcome, there are labs and workshops where families can learn about local habits, craftsmanship, food and art.

Don’t miss ‘Matera Alberga – Arte accogliente’, a tour of 6 hotels that hosts great contemporary art pieces. A special focus is about the connection between caves, houses, monuments, canals and cities that have been built by excavating, like Matera. The connection with the past is always strong. If you plan to enjoy as many events as possible, buy the ‘Passaporto 2019’, a special pass to access to all the events, it is free for kids until 5 years old and it costs only 5 euros for kids aged 6-18.

Check it out here.

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Get lost with your kids into this 9,000 years old beauty: don’t miss Casa Noha, where you will enjoy an interactive visit and learn everything about Matera’s incredible history. Looking for creepy’s curiosities? Don’t miss the Purgatorio’s Church. I hope kids don’t get scared, because this church contains skulls and bones! The MUSMA is the most famous local museum, dedicated to sculpure and contemporary art: its location, Palazzo Pomarici, it’s a great example of local typical architecture. Take a look at the educational services, they plan workshops and labs for kids and families, to learn how to approach contemporary sculpture.

From the Murgia Park you can enjoy a stunning view of the city and get into the famous ‘grotte’, ancient caves with churches and beautiful paintings in their crypts.


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