Looking for Rome tours for kids? I have a new one tailored for them. Let’s travel again, follow the mole!

Great news from Italy, the Country has reopened to tourism from the European Union and from region to region! Many people are planning to visit the Capital since now it is a perfect moment to enjoy the beauty of this city with no crowds. Are you one of them, looking from some nice Rome tours for kids? Why don’t you try the Open bus experience for a perfect overview of the city?  Come with me!


Because there’s Tapsy on board!

Yeah, you heard it well, I am on board the Open bus now! Since the last 30th of May, I have brought my tours on board Roma Open Bus and you know what? They are tapsylicious! Between all the Rome tours for kids, this is the one who gives you the best overview of the best monuments, all tailored for kids. A fun and relaxing time for the whole family and a great occasion to learn all the secrets of the Eternal City. 

Because it is the only one with a special kit between all the Rome tours for kids

There’s no time to be bored with Tapsy! Every information is tailored for kids, thanks to the special Tapsy kit included into the tour. What is inside the kit? A map and lots of gadgets! The map follows the path of the bus and, for each stop, asks kids to solve a riddle looking around to find details and secrets. While adults listen to the audioguide, kids explore the city using the map, looking at the whole path, getting ready to the next step.

rome tours for kids

Credits @Pekabootravelbaby

 Because it is one of the safest Rome tours for kids

Each bus is sanitized and contains sanitizing gel and gloves and every seat keeps the social distancing from other people. I know you could be worried to travel in this moment, but i am doing all it takes to make your family travel experience a relaxing and safe moment to enjoy with your kids. You will sit on the upper floor of the bus, open air (don’t worry, it has a roof in case of rain) and seeing Rome from that point of view will be an amazing experience!

rome tours for kids

Credits @Pekabootravelbaby

Because it is a perfect way to have an overview of the city

If I were you, I would do this tour as soon as i get in town. Between all the Rome tours for kids, the Open bus gives you immediately the exact idea of where you are. First time in Rome? Perfect. Second, third, fourth time? Perfect again, it is a special way to see the city without getting mad walking for miles, especially if the weather is too hot. With this overview, you can see and decide what to see in a second moment, or you can just hop on hop off from the bus!

rome tours for kids

Because it is a good way to start exploring again

We all are still a little bit afraid of going around but hey, we have to start doing again. The world is too big and too beautiful to stay home forever, so let’s start with this smooth and relaxing tour to come back on the road again! Coming?


Every Saturday and Sunday, from Largo Peretti (Termini Station) at 10.00am, 10.30am, 11.45am, 12.30pm, 2.00pm, 2.30pm, 4.00om, 4.30pm. Book at info@tapsy.eu!


PS. Do you want to know more? Ask in the comment below! 


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