Escape from the big cities and enjoy a stroll into the countryside. Slow travel in Europe with kids is an amazing adventure, they can run free in the nature, enjoy little things, learn more about local habits and history. Where to go? I have 3 perfect tips for you!

slow travel in Europe with kids_Tapsy Blog

Sometimes, you just need to take it slow, especially if you are wandering around the world with your kids! As a mole, I know what it means: I don’t like to hurry from one place to another, I definitely prefer to take my time and enjoy every single moment of the places I visit, and so should you! Make a slow travel in Europe with kids is easy, so many places to see far away from the big cities: European culture is mostly about taking it slow and find time to enjoy art, culture, good food, beautiful places. Where are the best places to slow travel in Europe with kids?

Slow travel in Europe with kids_Tapsy Blog

I can tell you my top 3! They are all different and beautiful at the same time, not so far from nice cities, so you can can combine a few days between art, culture, nature, food and amazing places to see with children!


If you follow my adventures, maybe you know that Alberobello is one of my favorite places.

No place is better than Italy to slow travel in Europe with kids; the Mediterranean area is the kingdom of slow culture, Italians know how to relax and escape from stressing and busy life. Bring your children to the stunning countryside of southern Italy: spring is the best moment to really enjoy the beauties of Puglia before millions of tourists come and conquer it during summer! To go slow, go walking among the Trulli of Alberobello! Follow me on my Tapsy Tour adventure, kids will learn more about the local history and culture, in a funny and engaging way. This place is UNESCO World Heritage since 1996 for this unique buildings: kids can stroll wild and free through its streets, the local food is something delicious and it is the perfect starting point to explore the central area of Puglia. You are one hour far from Castel del Monte, 30 minutes from Polignano a Mare and one hour from Matera, the European capital of Culture 2019!

slow travel in Alberobello with kids_Tapsy Tour of Alberobello with kids


Lavender fields, sun, never ending countryside, huge open-air spaces to stroll with kids, walking, hiking, ride-horsing, biking, this and much more is the Provence region, about one hour far from the main city of southern France, Marseille. Slow travel here is easy, here it is my plan: make a walking Tapsy Tour of the city with me, learning about pirates stories and soap masters, then escape to Aix-en-Provence and enjoy all the beauty and the history of the sunniest France region.

Don’t forget to taste Calissons, typical local dessert. Parental advice: wine is sooo good here, don’t miss to taste it!

slow travel in Provence with kids_Tapsy Blog


Slow travel in Europe with kids also means going in search for great mysteries and ancient stories:  do you know a better place than Stonehenge for this mission? Follow me in this huge jump into the past, I’ll show you all the secrets of druids! Kids will love this walk in the English countryside, away from London’s noise, in the middle of Somerset, not far away from other stunning slow travel location like Bath (thermal bath, roman histories and true local English culture) and Windsor Castle, summer residence of Her Majesty (my closest English friend, of course). What are you waiting for?


slow travel in Stonehenge with kids_Tapsy Tour of Stonehenge with kids

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