The World has changed and so must do the way we travel and explore with kids. Ready for a new start? Follow the mole!

Nothing is better than a pandemic to change the way we travel and every other daily behavior. When the environment forces us to chance, we simply adapt to it and, sometimes, we get a new vision of the world around us.

During this lockdown, we have learned a lot about ourselves, spending much time home, alone or with our families. We learned how to really share spaces with other people and how much our freedom is important. Many of us have changed daily habits and behavior and don’t really want to come back to life as we knew before the Coronavirus outbreak in the world. Are we better people, better travelers now? Who knows! But things have to change, either if we want it or not. So what will happen with the way we travel?


Starting from the Staycation

Staycation is the new vacation. Since not all the frontiers are reopening yet, we must consider to spend our family holidays not so far from home, which can be a good occasion to discover all that places we have never visited, just around the corner. Staying around home it’s not such a bad experience, especially if you live in a nice place like Italy: here, for example, many people are booking their holidays in the same region or area they live, definitely a great chance to enjoy some local beauty. Just few days ago I have started my new tour on board Roma Open bus, tailored for families, to bring them around Rome in all safety! Read more here. Hope to land in many other cities soon!

the way we travel

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The way we travel will be sustainable

Something we must not forget about this period is what happens every time we go somewhere. How much the way we travel influence a place, the environment, other people? A lot. We think to be just a small stone in a mountain, but we are not. This is the time of responsibility, this is the time of sustainability. Taking care of the nature, the culture and the tradition of the places we visit is our way to thank them for the hospitality, don’t you think?

the way we travel

the way we travel

A slow time in the way we travel

A famous entrepreneur on Linkedin said he has learned a lot from the lockdown, especially in the way he travels. He realized that going to London in the morning and coming back in the evening just to take a coffee is not really traveling, it is just pretending to rule the world in a very selfish way. How many times we ran from one place to another and didn’t really enjoy the ride? We all did! So why don’t we slow down a little bit? Walking tours, trekking, biking, hiking are nice things we can do with the whole family and really enjoy the time we spend together. That is why I am also working on many walking tours for families, with no crowds and all fun! Will you come with me?

the way we travel


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