Travel from home: 3 magical words that have always helped me planning my trips around the world. Ready to go?

In these weeks of social distancing and lockdown for still many Countries in the world, travel from home has become a sort of mantra on social networks and news, because – let’s say that – we all can’t wait to get back on the road again. Right? Yes, I know, I know.

Travel from home is not a neologism, we did it so many times before. When? The answer is easy: every time we plan our next trip, we start studying, reading, looking at maps and pictures to help our mind fixing the route, even before we get anywhere. Travel from home means travel with your mind and imagine what a specific place looks like, sound like, smell like in the reality. Both adults and kids who love to travel do it every time, I know because this blog is read by so many true travelers!

So, now that we are stuck inside, can we travel from home? Absolutely. Please don’t stop doing it, I will tell you why it is so important. Follow the mole!

travel from home


So why we must travel from home?

Travel from home to fully enjoy the places we will visit

We all have experimented fast tourism. Running from one highlight to another don’t really give us the time to enjoy a place in all its beauty, to fully understand and appreciate its history and importance. So let’s start to travel from home! Now we have all the time we want to read and watch about our next destination and being more conscious when we live it.

To give kids time to travel with their fantasy

When I was a little mole, I remember I started to travel with my mind before getting into a place. I read books and had a very precise idea of how a place could look like. Sometimes I was right, sometimes completely wrong, but this is what kids can learn traveling from home. Reality can always surprise you more than fantasy!

travel from home

Travel from home to experiment 

about what? Cooking, for example. Read and watch about local traditions and food can be a good excuse to try new tastes and being helped by kids while cooking! Do you remember my pastiera recipe at Easter? Tasty, isn’t it? I bet you all want to go to Naples as soon as possible!

travel from home

To stay curious

Remember what Steve Jobs said, stay hungry stay foolish. We all should experiment a bit o foolishness in life, not to mention the pleasure that only a creative and curious approach to life can give to us. Travel with kids is a journey that matters 2 times, when they go and when they come back. No one is the same person when comes back from a journey, especially kids. They learn so fast and remember things for a lifetime. Travel from home helps them to desire to travel for real more and more and become more curious, more respectful people. The next generation!

travel from home


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