Don’t worry, you will go to Sicily very soon, and it will be beautiful. We are all dreaming and trying to plan our next journey and me, yes, I would really like to come back there, just like you. Need some travel tips to Sicily? You have come to the right place.

The good news of this period is that we have time, much time, really much much time to plan about our next destination, so better to be ready. Another good news is that Sicily is splendid in summer and even more in autumn, so don’t worry if you have to wait a little bit, we could be lucky enough to enjoy our holidays soon, if we stay home today. So sit on the sofa and enjoy some useful travel tips to Sicily, made by Tapsy with love!


A huge island

You are not at the Bermuda, not even in Capri. Sicily is a very extended island and not every place is well connected to another, so first rule is: be patient, travel slow and enjoy what this stunning place has to offer. Main airports are in Catania and Palermo, from which you can easily visit the east or the west part of the island. From Catania you reach the Mount Etna, Messina, the amazing Taormina, Siracusa, Noto, Ragusa, until the very southern and wild part of Sicily, made by small villages and huge Pachino tomato’s fields. From Palermo, you reach Monreale, the stunning Mondello beach, Trapani area (with its salines), Marsala, going south until Agrigento and the amazing Temple’s valley, a true pearl in the middle of nowhere.  Better to move by train or car, in any case. Sicily is so various so don’t rush from one side to another, take your time and go with the flow, this is not a place to hurry!

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Travel tips to Sicily: don’t miss the cities

Sea is great, ok, landscapes are breathtaking, sure, but don’t leave the cities apart! Palermo, Catania and all the other stunning Sicilian cities can show to the family so many things about the history and developing of the entire island. And here I come! I am planning some great Tapsy Tours in these places, to guide kids and parents to discover secrets and traditions while having fun with games and riddles! From the Normans in Palermo to the baroque of Catania and up to the mysteries of the Mount Etna, coming with me?

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Arancino or Arancina?

One of the most famous street food in Italy comes from Sicily and has 2 variants, don’t miss with it when you are in Sicily! The Arancino – or Arancina – is a fried ball of rice, tomato and meat and Sicilians are very proud of it. But remember: if in Palermo, you must ask for an Arancina (female) and you will get a round fried ball as big as your little kid’s face. Never use the same name in Catania, where it is called Arancino and has a conical form and pretty much the same huge dimension!

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Take it slow

As I said before, Sicily is not a place to hurry. Rhythms in South Italy are generally very slow, everybody take it cool, stress is not really a matter here. Sicily is no exception, so take these travel tips: take you time to indulge in that little square – where your kids will love to play – or at the sunset on the beach, when all the Mediterranean becomes quite and smooth.

I will wait for you there, comment below if Sicily is in your travel bucket list!




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