Trieste is made for children! Come with Tapsy and discover a true hidden gem in the Italian panorama.

Have you ever been to Trieste? You would be amaze by its beauty and elegance! About an hour and a half away from the stunning Venice, Trieste marks the easter border of Italy, just a few kilometers from Croazia. Trieste for children is an amazing revelation, because it is such a multicultural and open city, with lots of different things to do and see.

And guess who is going there right now? Me! So follow the mole to another great family travel adventure!


What to do: a Tapsy tour!

The big news is that me and my tours are heading to the city! So if you are planning a trip to discover Trieste, don’t forget about me! My Tapsy kit will be soon available: a fantastic kit with all kids need to discover the city in a fun and educational way! 2 maps (one for the children, one for the parents) and many gadget to let them get into the right mood to explore every corner of Trieste. Games, riddles and a little treasure hunt to make this one a great family travel experience. Soon on! The Trieste’s Hop On Hop off service is my official partner in this adventure, families and kids are more than welcome on board! They tour the city on board Hoptour while listening to the audioguide and playing with the Tapsy kit. Hope to see you soon there!

Trieste for children: must see

Miramare Castle is a place where legend and history combine to tell the fable of Princess Charlotte and Imperial Prince Maximilian! A true fairy tale place with a castle, a park and wonderful views of the sea and it is perfect for both kids and adults to enjoy some open air time before getting into Trieste city centre. Just beside the castle there is the   Miramare Marine Nature Reserve, with the new Biodiversitario Marino museum. This new immersive museum allows adults and children to learn about the underwater environments of the Gulf of Trieste, an amaizng experience! Looking for another castle? Look for San Giusto one! Children will enjoy visiting the Captain’s House and the weapon-filled armory and play in the large courtyard. Romans are everywhere, even Trieste: you will enjoy an ancient amphitheatre just walking across the city centre. Another must-see is Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, which is the largest square facing the sea in Europe and  the perfect place for children to safely have fun while their parents take a break at one of the historic cafes.

Typical food

Let’s start from the Strucolo de pomi,  a light pastry filled with apples and grapes, and pine kernels. Kids will looove it! Speaking of good side dishes, Chifeletti are ideal to accompany the various dishes. They are made from a dough-like mixture of mashed potatoes, flour, butter and eggs! A very typical one is the Calandraca, a symbol of the local cuisine, a simple stew, with potatoes, prepared by fishermen. It could be served classic (with tomato), al bianco (no tomato) and col vin’ (for adults only! With wine). Hungry?




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