Visit Marseille with kids is a great chance to know more about pirates, soap, mediterranean culture, Provence and calanques. Curious? Read below and follow Tapsy!

Spring is coming and so some delicious weekend to spend tripping around Europe, what about visit Marseille with kids? South of France is one of the best places to be in this period, temperatures are mild and it is so nice go exploring the city and the stunning countryside.

Visit Marseille with kids is a very relaxing experience, the city is so family friendly and you can basically walk from one highlight to another. Ready to go? Come with me!

visit marseille with kids



Accordining to the famous writer Alexandre Dumas, Marseille is the place where the world meets. If you take a walk around the huge port, it  seems to be in the right spot to meet people from all over the world. English pubs,  Arabic musicians play their local songs. French, Spanish, Italian, German people walking, Japanese tourists taking pictures, Brazilians dancers having fun on the street. It looks like a great overview on the world.

What about the Santons? They are little pottery statues, typical from Marseille and used in the Nativity scene. In 1700 kids used to play with those little statues and a legend says that having a Santons is a good protection for your house. Buy some!

Visit Marseille with kids means getting lost into soap. A lot of. Used for centuries, it was well known for its presumed medicinal properties. Today you can smell it everywhere through the streets of the old city. Second souvenir founded! 

visit marseille with kids


History, culture, modern art, activities for children… Marseille really knows how to be loved by families! Start with a Tapsy tour of the city, I will introduce kids to an exciting treasure hunt with pirates! From the Old port to the La Major Cathedral, I will bring you to the best highlight of Le Panier quarter, house of the local craftsmen and the best shops and restaurants. Don’t miss a visit to the MUCEM, the amazing museum beside the Fort St Jean which tells the history of the Mediterranean cultures. It has a nice program of activities for kids. Looking for sailing adventures? Go to the Chateau d’If island and visit the prison where the Count of Montecristo novel by Alexandre Dumas has born! Kids will have fun exploring the mysterious prison and discovering more about the famous book.

visit marseille with kids


Marseille is a door open to the nature. Just outside the city, families can choose a wide range of outdoor activities in the countryside. The Calanque national park is one of a kind: his natural monument includes solid masses of coastline separated by creeks, as well as a vast aquatic space that includes one of the richest underwater canyons of the Mediterranean in terms of biodiversity. 

In love with countryside landscapes? Go straight to Provence, from Marseille is so easy to reach the nicest villages and the lavander fields. Aix-en-provence is just around the corner, with its colored facades and a delicious tradition named Calissons. These sweet treats are a true taste of paradise that both adults and children will adore.

visit marseille with kids

About one hour far from Marseille, Avignon is waiting for all the traveling families who are looking for a great cultural escape. The city is well knowed for his Papacy (1309 to 1376) who made the city an authentic powerful fortress. 

visit marseille with kids