If someone asked me “who can travel to Europe this summer?” a few months ago, I would have thought I was talking to a crazy person! But here it is the story, it is May and people don’t know if they can travel to Europe or anywhere else this summer, it is weird, isn’t it?

Sometimes we understimate our freedom to travel the world wherever and whenever we want, it is a fortune that – after this 2020 – we will never forget again.

Many people are now wondering if they can travel this summer, and where. The Old continent  is always on the top of the list, but who can travel to Europe? No one? Just the Europeans? Even people from other Continents?

Let’s see what is going on.


can travel to europe

Latest updates from Europe

The whole Continent is still very worried about the Covid-19 situation, but the lockdown is going on for a very long time and many Countries are pushing to re-open the frontiers and let their economy breaths. A very recent news from the European Union (EU) says the parliament is currently working on re-open the frontiers between Countries with a similar Coronavirus risk, splitting Europe in red and green zones. Each Country can decide for itself, but if one decides to open the internal frontiers (from region to region) it should be available also to welcome travelers come form European countries with a similar spreading situation. Italy, for example, is going to re-open internally from region to region and must be able to accept people from Countries with the same number of infected people. Of course every traveler must respect the rules of social distancing, use the mask when required and there will be several and strong health controls before and after the journey.

can travel to europe

Who can travel to Europe from other Continents

Not everywhere outside Europe the Coronavirus outbreak is on its way to solve the problem, so it’s all up to each Country. As Forbes reports “With so many people around the world having booked summer holidays before the crisis, and a tourism industry reeling globally and massively, one message seems to be getting clear: The lockdown, even in the countries already easing restrictions, will last ‘at least’ three more weeks before opening borders and maybe permitting short flights.” Many people have canceled or postponed their trip, what did you do? 

can travel to europe

Which kind of holiday could we expect?

In any case, it will be a strange summer, but not necessary bad. Emerging trends are about slow travel, walking tours, beaches (with distances), trekking in the nature and wild adventures or boat holidays, because people feel more safe if they keep a reasonable distance from other people. If you intent to visit the major European cities with a family walking tour on your own, I am preparing a lot of itineraries for you. Stay tuned, we will travel soon again!

Where would you like to go this summer? Comment below!









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