If you are lucky enough to plan your family holidays in Italy, this itinerary will save you a lot of time!

Family holidays in Italy_Tapsy Tour of Florence

As there are so many things to see in Italy, it’s not easy at all to plan a family itinerary. You will start thinking that every destination is worth a visit (that’s true) and that you will never come up with a satisfactory itinerary (as you ended up here, this means it’s not true). How do I know Italy so well and where does my knowledge of family holidays come from? Well, I am Tapsy! The curious travelling mole that loves showing many different cities in Europe to families with kids. And, I must admit it, Italy is one of my favourite places in the continent! From its age-old monuments, to its delicious food and to the smiling people, it is a great destination to visit in Europe with kids!

Rome with kids_Tapsy Tours for families with kids


Where to start? That’s a good point, there are so many destinations. But don’t worry, I am a family travel expert! Keep reading and take notes!


Located in the Tuscany region, Florence is considered one of the most interesting towns of the Italian peninsula. In fact, besides hosting some of the most beautiful buildings ever built in Italy, it’s also the home town of the eclectic inventor, painter and scientist Leonardo Da Vinci!

Family holidays in Italy_Tapsy Tour of Florence

Don’t know how to visit it in just 24hours? Have a look at this one day family itinerary of Florence.


A city that doesn’t require any introduction, as it is well known all over the world for being one of the most beautiful destinations to visit. It only has one week point: there are too many beautiful things to see. How to make the most out of a couple of day family travel in the Eternal City? The secret number one is to start dealing with the fact that seeing everything is impossible, not even locals can. What you can do is to make a selection of the places that you really don’t want to miss (like the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Vatican City, the Pantheon, Trevi fountain, Navona’s Square and the Spanish steps) and then spend the rest of the time just enjoying the amazing atmosphere widespread all over the city. The secret number two, is to join an organized tour, but not ANY tour, a tour tailored to kids’ necessities to learn while having fun and make the whole family have a fun and cultural experience.

Family holidays in Italy_Tapsy Tour of Rome


If you think Italian food is just tasty, that’s because you haven’t visited Southern Italy yet. Here food is more like experiencing heaven. But food is not the only reason why you have to head towards South during your family holidays in Italy. The other reason is history and friendly people, like Pompeii, an amazing archeological site located in the middle of the super friendly Campania region, that will definitely make you fall in love with the area.

Family holidays in Italy_Tapsy Tour of Pompeii


In your family itinerary in Italy, I suggest you to visit at least one off the beaten path destination. And what’s better than the fascinating Alberobello, with its mysterious trulli houses and its incredibly tasty traditional pasta called “orecchiette”?

Family holidays in Italy_Tapsy Tour of Alberobello

If you have one more days to spend in Italy with kids, add an extra stop in Pisa, another great place to enjoy a Tapsy Tour. Located at short train distance from Florence, it will amaze kids with its incredible Leaning Tower and many other stunning attractions!