Looking for fun autumn activities for kids? I can show you 3! This is the perfect season to enjoy great family times and doing what you love with the little people you love. Follow the mole!

Isn’t autumn the most romantic of the seasons? I love it, falling leaves, stunning warm colors, walks in the nature, hot teas, biscuits…ok, I am hungry now! It is a wonderful period to enjoy many nice family moments, so why don’t you start doing 3 fun autumn activities for kids? They are made for them, but perfect to involve and entertain the whole tribe! Follow the mole and get ready to live this season at the fullest!

fun autumn activities for kids


A private tour of the most beautiful European cities

Autumn is made for long walks and it is a great time of discovering. Old cities show their best side during this season, so why don’t you take the chance to enjoy beauty, art and culture together with your kids? I have the perfect solution for you! Book a Tapsy tour in one of your favorite cities: you will live an exciting family adventure with a private kid-friendly guide, a fantastic booklet for kids full of games and riddles and a a path tailored to families. We will take it slow, enjoying the walk and doing the right stops, so kids won’t get tired. What will we do? Mixing fun and learning, culture and divertissement! All the information are kids oriented and the booklet is so useful to get the most about the experience. Book it now on my website or write me at info@tapsy.eu.

fun autumn activities for kids

Fun autumn activities for kids: go wild in the farm!

Bring your kids visiting a farm before they get too old, please. Not every kid knows what it means life in a farm: big orchards, animals, a lot of outdoor space to chill and discover the beauty of nature. It is important to keep to contact with nature, so get kids used to this, because tomorrow they will grow up and take the responsibility to defend it. But most of all, farms are fun! Horse rides, pony rides, tractor rides…there is a lot to do for the little riders! And don’t forget the challenge of climbing an hay bale!

Play with leaves: yarn wrap

fun autumn activities for kids
And you? Which are your favorite autumn activities to do with kids and family? Comment below!


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