There is always a good reason to visit Tuscany, especially in spring, especially with kids. Here you can find 3 TAPSYlicious ways to explore one of the greatest Italian areas with your family, to live local life and enjoy a taste of Italian lifestyle!

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Tuscany is a ‘must-do’ if you decide to travel to Italy, and not just because everybody goes there. This region is considered the very heart of Italian culture and, most of all, it is truly beautiful. Plus, Tuscany is all about lovely countryside and walkable cities, which is perfect if you travel with children! Spring is perfect to enjoy every corner at its best.

Do you need a good reason to visit Tuscany? I can give you 3! Follow my guide and get ready to enjoy a very TAPSYlicious journey.


Keep reading to discover why Tuscany should absolutely be in your family itinerary throughout Italy!


If you think about Tuscany, probably Florence will come to your mind first, and you’re right. This stunning city maybe is over-crowded, but always worth a visit! Be smart, follow my guide or – even better – book a Tapsy tour with me, no stress, just fun! A walking adventure on Da Vinci’s footsteps, including a visit to Leonardo’s Museum.

Tapsy Tour of Florence with kids

If Florence is not your cup of tea, try with smallest cities like Pisa. It is an ancient Maritime Republic (together with Amalfi, Genoa and Venice, it was one of the strongest sea towns during the Middle Age) and you might know it for its super-famous Leaning Tower. Children might like to discover more about it and the experiments Galileo Galilei made to discover more about gravity, so come with me on a Tapsy Tour, I will show you the masterpieces of the city!

Tapsy Tour of Pisa with kids


Let’s start with the fairytale, tell your kids about the Italian story of Pinocchio and you will find a memorable world dedicated to him. Take a car and go not too far away from Pistoia and Lucca (they are both worth a visit!), until you reach Collodi, the small village from which Carlo Collodi – Pinocchio’s author – took his surname. Here it is the thematic park dedicated to Pinocchio and his adventures. Not just an amusement park, it is a typical Italian-style place where fun, culture and nature mix together.

Pinocchi theme park in Tuscany, Italy_Tapsy Blog

Looking for mystery and magic? The Tarot Park is your next Tuscany adventure, then! It is an impressive park create by Niki de Saint Phalle late in the 20th century. It looks a bit like Park Guell in Barcelona, sooo colorful and surrounded by mirrors, ceramics and strange forms that will blow children’s mind! You will find it in Capalbio, Grosseto area.

Tarot Park in Tuscany, Italy with kids_Tapsy Blog


When in spring, go local, go to the countryside! Looking for a great classic? Go straight to Chianti area, a paradise for both parents and kids. Here you will really enjoy a taste of local life (and some great wines, parents only). There is always door for little family adventures here, like hiking! Tuscany hosts part of the Via Francigena, one of the most famous (and long!) roads along Europe. Do you want to show kids about what life was about in the Middle Age? Take them to Poggibonsi, where the Archeodrome, a real medieval village, has been recreated. A great chance to have a ‘jump in the past’ experience.


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