Christmas in Italy is not just the 25th of December: here they are 4 Italian Christmas recipes that you can enjoy during the whole holiday time, so if you are getting to Italy, those are the places you can’t miss. Follow me!
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Christmas in Italy is a serious stuff. Religion and regional traditions cover a huge period that goes from the 8th of December to the 6th of January, so Christmas Day is not the only moment to taste and enjoy local recipes. North Europe may have the atmosphere, but Italy has definitely the food, so if you are spending your holidays in Italy with family, don’t forget to try these 4 Italian Christmas recipes! Whenever you are, you will be close enough to enjoy one of this delicious dishes and enjoy a city tour with me!


While enjoying a Tapsy Tour of Rome with me, don’t forget to taste one of the typical roman desserts of Christmas time, the Pangiallo. Considered one of the most famous Christmas cakes in Italy, pangiallo is a yellow bread based speciality, very similar to the tuscan panforte or panpepato from Emilia Romagna. Despite its name, it’s more cake than bread and more brown than yellow. It comes from the imperial age and it’s made of eggs, sugar, honey and dark chocolate, kids will love it! Nothing better than something sweet after a tour of the city.

pangiallo_Italian recipes for Christmas_Tapsy BlogITALIAN CHRISTMAS RECIPES: NAPOLI AND THE STRUFFOLI

Ok, Christmas is over, but there’s always room for struffoli! One of my favorite holidays dessert comes from Campania and Naples is the place to be to taste some extraordinary fresh struffoli.

Tapsy’s Christmas advice: come with me for a winter tour of Pompeii (just about 30 mins far away from Naples) and – once it’s over – get back to the city and go straight to a bakery to enjoy some struffoli. The recipe is very simple, little balls of fried dough glazed with honey. Kids couldn’t stop eating them!

Italian Christmas recipes on Tapsy Blog: struffoliITALIAN CHRISTMAS RECIPES: FIRENZE AND THE TORTELLINI

Tortellini or cappelletti? That’s the problem. Hard to choose, as both of them are sooo delicious! What’s the plan here? Enjoying a Tapsy Tour of Florence and combine it with a super lunch tortellini-based. The soup is a typical winter dish and tortellini are a ring-shaped pasta stuffed with meat and cheese. The dish is served with some freshly grated parmesan cheese on top.

Since the temperature in Florence is always cold during winter, what’s better than a hot dish to refresh yourself after my walking tour of the city?

Italian tortellini_Italian Christmas recipes_Tapsy BlogITALIAN CHRISTMAS RECIPES: ALBEROBELLO AND THE PANZEROTTI

Here comes the fun! If you are heading south, Puglia is your destination, my Tapsy-friend. A region that is always worth a visit, no matter the season. Winter time is perfect to enjoy Alberobello without being stressed by thousands of tourists: Trulli looks even more magical sorrounded by Christmas lights, it seems to be in a fairy tale village made for children! Do you want to come with me and enjoy all the secrets and the traditions of this beautiful place? Great, take a look at my itinerary!

Panzerotti_Italian dishes for Christmas_Tapsy Tours for families with kids_Alberobello

Then here it comes the best-food part: no one can visit Puglia and leave without tasting some panzerotti! You can find them all year long, sure, but Christmas holidays are made for panzarotti, every pugliese knows that. Fried or oven-baked, panzerotti are made by crescent-shaped pasta filled with mozzarella, cheese and tomato (in their traditional version). So simple, so delicious, so Italian! Let me know how many panzerotti your family can eat!


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