If colored houses, intriguing legends and river sounds tempt you, Denmark is what you need. Follow my family itinerary to discover how to visit Copenhagen with kids in two days!

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Nominated European Green Capital in 2014, Copenhagen is one of the best cities in Europe to enjoy a walking tour with children. However, I suggest every family visiting Copenhagen with kids to study the best itinerary and activities to satisfy children’s needs. How to do that? Keep reading and you will find it out!



A tour of Copenhagen cannot but start by the most iconic sculpture in town: the Little Mermaid. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, this little statue is now the symbol of Copenhagen.

The little mermaid of Copenhagen_Tapsy Tours of Copenhagen with children


At a few steps from the statue of the Little Mermaid, you will find Gefion Fountain, representing the birth of Zealand, the island where Copenhagen is located. According to the legend, as the Swedish king Gylfi told the ancient Norse goddess Gefjun that she could have as much land as four oxen could plow in one day, she transformed her four sons in powerful oxen. The vigorous sculpture, representing Gefjiun while pulling her kids to produce more, amazingly contrasts the relaxing sound of water flowing from the fountain.

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If you wish to meet the Danish Royal family, that’s the place to go! Amalienborg is in fact their winter home and it’s for this reason protected by the family Royal guards. If you wish to see the full changing of the Danish Royal guard, choose any day from September to April to visit Copenhagen with kids.

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Built in the 17th century to be the Old Port of Copenhagen, it’s now one of most important attractions in Copenhagen. If you visit this old port in the sun, you will suddenly understand why. The yellow, blue, pink, green walls of the houses reflected in the river, mixed together with the relaxing sound of water that flows along the shore, can really turn a walk into a mystical experience.

Nihavn port of Copenhagen with children_Tapsy Tour of Copenhagen with kids

The best way to try this itinerary of Copenhagen with kids, is to join a family tour, that through games and kid-friendly historical references makes kids learn while having fun.



This time I want to surprise you with a guide to visit Christiana district in Copenhagen with kids.

I bet many of you are scared and are probably thinking to turn down the idea. But, besides being REALLY a pity for you, it is also a missed opportunity for your kids, to discover the OTHER WORLD within Copenhagen. What makes it an incredible place to visit in Copenhagen with kids are the unique decorations and colors of the houses, as well as the horses and birds that populate the area. You just need to have the right tips to know what area you’d better avoid and how to identify it. And who better than a local can tell you that?


This old-fashioned amusement park attracts families from all over the world. The reason is that it’s much more than that, it’s a wonderland full of cute gardens and enchanting carousels, where adults love to have a stroll too.