Where are the best places to visit in Europe with kids? Here it is my personal list of 5 spots you can’t absolutely miss if you are traveling with children!

Best places to visit in Europe with kids_Tapsy Blog

Every time you have to decide where to go in Europe for holidays with kids, choice is hard. Amazing cities, great monuments, magnificent attractions, where to go? If you are wondering which are the best places to visit in Europe with kids, I am here to help!


So here it is my personal guide to 5 spots kids should visit at least once in a lifetime, ready to travel with me?


Everybody should go to London once a month. This city is a marvelous journey for both adults and kids, British history and tradition are such a great source of culture and fun for the whole family! One of the best spots for kids in London is – without any doubt – the Tower of London. The most famous English castle, in the middle of the city, is a full immersion attraction for kids: here they will learn a lot about English history and experience life as it was in the Middle Age. Crown jewels? Here they are! Mystery and legends? Please find them here! Costume entertainers and children activities? You are definitely in the right place. That’s why I will soon come back to the beautiful London with a Tapsy Tour, stay tuned!

Best places to visit in Europe with kids_Tower of London with kids_Tapsy Blog

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This is not the only Legoland park in Europe, another 2 are located in Germany and England. But hey! Denmark is always one of the best places to visit in Europe with kids! It is super kid-friendly, that’s why I have a Tapsy Tour in Copenhagen you should definitely try! Speaking of fun, Legoland is an amazing world both adults and kids will enjoy. An incredible world entirely made by Lego! Children will experience a full immersive day surrounded by Lego in every possible size, from the smallest piece to the biggest building.

Best places to visit in Europe with kids_Legoland with kids_Tapsy Blog


Heading north, this is surely one of the best places to visit in Europe with kids! Vasa is the name of the ship kept in the museum. It is the only ship from the XVII century still intact in the world: the museum was built to preserve the ship and today it is one of the most visited attractions for families with kids. A great chance to see ‘live’ a real ancient ship and learn about his short and tragic history. It was the most magnificent ship of the real fleet, but it sank in Stockholm bay just few months after its launch.

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Spain is never in vain! Kids MUST experience a place like Parc Guell, and not just because of Gaudí. The perfect plan is doing a Tapsy Tour with me and then go and enjoy this beautiful attraction. It is like a jump in a fantastic world for children, full of colors, animals and strage architecture. Also, you will enjoy a great view of the city from the huge terrace of the park.

Don’t forget to have a tortilla for lunch, kids will love it!

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Elf! Elf! Elf! This is the wonderland of children and definitely one of the best places to visit in Europe with kids. Efteling is the greatest amusement park of Netherlands and one of the greatest in Europe. Live the fairytale and enjoy this amazing spot with your children, spring is a perfect time to visit. It is open 365 days and you can also sleep inside the park. Activities change every season. What are you waiting for?

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