Autumn is perfect for family holidays to Naples: perfect weather and no big crowds to better enjoy the city and its beautiful neighborhood!

family holidays to Naples-Tapsy in Naples


A trip to Italy is worth all year long, for so many reasons! Weather is perfect 10 months out of 12, food is amazing from north to south, culture and history pop up from every corner.

If you have room for an Italian weekend in autumn and still wondering where to go, try with the south. Naples, to be precise.

The Parthenopean capital is a wonderful place to be in this season, away from the hot summer days and full of marvelous events and family discovering adventures. Ready to go? Follow Tapsy!




If it is your first time to Naples, don’t be scared. The city is as beautiful as chaotic, but it is probably its main characteristic.

You should definitely start the morning visiting the main museums, like Capodimonte Museum and Madre Museum: this second one could be a special place for children. It is devoted to modern and contemporary art and it hosts interesting workshops for kids.

family holidays in Naples-Tapsy in Naples

Naples is a city of castles, theaters  and palaces too, so you should absolutely not miss a visit to Castel dell’Ovo, the Royal Palace and the famous San Carlo theatre, one of the oldest opera theatre in the world. Your walking day must includes Piazza del Plebiscito and the labyrinth of streets just beside the piazza. Careful with the Spanish quarter! They can give you an idea of the local folklore but it’s easy to get lost over there. If you use the underground, don’t miss a stop to Toledo station: it is considered one of the most beautiful in the world!



During your family holidays to Naples, children can get lost and hungry between all this beauty, so – when it’s time for a break – have a sfogliatella! This delicious local treat is made by puff pastry (but it also exist a short pastry version), ricotta and candied fruit. Try a very good one at Scaturchio (city centre) or Attanasio (beside the train station).

family holidays to Naples-Tapsy with the typical sfogliatella napoletana

Speaking of food, you can’t leave Naples without eating pizza. If you think you know what I am talking about, forget it. Pizza here is a serious matter and it is plenty of places to find a very good one. If you want to try with the historical ones, try Michele, Sorbillo, Starita, or the famous ‘pizza a portafoglio’ at Gennaro Salvo’s place. Street food? Yes, please. Take a stop in one of the many desk on the street and try some potatoes or pasta’s crocchette.

family holidays to Naples-Tapsy with the typical pizza from Naples


If you need a break off from your family holidays to Naples, the neighborhood offers incredible views and great history. Want to keep an eye on the sea? Go straight to Sorrento and enjoy a nice stroll with your kids through the ‘vicoli’ (little streets), the smell and the tastes of this paradise corner.

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