Alberobello and its Trulli houses are a wonderful place to discover for families with kids.

Tapsy Tour of Alberobello for families with kids

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When in autumn, go to Puglia. When in Puglia, go straight to Alberobello and its incredible Trulli houses!

As a mole, I like this kind of buildings, they remind me my den! Autumn is perfect to explore this area, no crowds, no stress, only a marvelous family time.

If you are planning to visit Alberobello and the Trulli houses with your kids, I’ve got the perfect itinerary for you.


Curiosities, first of all! Heading to the Trulli houses, you will see the house of a very strange person, Earl Giangirolamo II Acquaviva d’Aragona, known as the ‘Squinter of Apulia’. Here Giangirolamo gazed over the horizon and controlled the fellow citizens and the building of the Trulli houses.

Did you know that Alberobello hosts a siamese trullo? There’s a legend about that: I love legends, and so kids do! Once upon a time, two brothers used to argue over loving the same girl. They were so angry and couldn’t live in the same house anymore, that they decided to divide their trullo in two different houses, with entrance on different sides of the street, so they would never meet again.

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Strolling over Alberobello, you will see that the trulli houses are very similar: that’s because they are made with the same technics and children will love to discover more about them! It is like playing with the bricks: the building is surrounded by bricks and stones, there is a cistern under the base and stone blocks on the side. Limestone pieces surround the external part of the roof and a pinnacle is set on the top. The weird shape of the trulli houses has a specific reason: in case of danger, all you needed to do was to eliminate a stone above the entrance and the trullo could have been dismantled in a very short time and reconstructed everywhere else! Better than playing with bricks, isn’t it?

Alberobello is not just about the Trulli houses. Your kids will have an extraordinary time at Villa Comunale del Belvedere, discovering another legend! Zeus, king of Gods, was the judge of a competition between Athena and Poseidon, the winner would have been the one who was able to create something useful for humans. Athena won creating the olive tree. Here you are the reason why Puglia is one of the most famous Italian regions for olive oil!

While you get lost between the Trulli houses, maybe looking for some Taranta, don’t forget to take a look at Saint Anthony church. Guess what? It’s a big Trullo. Alberobello is definitely a fairytale for children, not to mention a family friendly place, where children can safely explore the area.

La taranta of Puglia in Alberobello with kidsALBEROBELLO AND THE TRULLI HOUSES: EXPLORE THE AREA

Even if you will be super busy eating orecchiette or pettole in Alberobello, don’t forget that this place is a very good base to visit part of the region. You are not so far from the Zoo Safari of Fasano, another great experience for children. Locorotondo, just a few kilometers from Alberobello, is one of the most beautiful Italian villages, with its stunning white walls and the beautiful churches and squares. Want to go wild? Visit Grotte di Castellana, an amazing underground adventure, safe for children, great for the whole family!

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