When you are the happiest country in the world, everybody wants to come and see what it means to live in a happy place. Which are the best countries to live and visit with kids? Follow Tapsy and discover them!

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What does it mean being the happiest country in the world? Having the happiest people! Every year many lists try to define the best country analyzing lifestyle, money, services for the citizens and many other data. According to Forbes, one of the most influential magazine of the world, 8 Countries out of 10 between the happiest are European! And I run Tapsy tours in 4 of those countries!

Ready to discover them with your kids? Come with me!


10th Happiest Country in the World: Austria

Austria opens the list because it is particularly high in social support and its citizens’ freedom. Also Vienna is considered the most livable city according to the Global Liveability Index.

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9th Happiest Country in the World: Canada

With lots of nature to discover for families and kids, the second largest Country in the world has a great life expectancy. Small population and lots of space make Canada a true paradise.

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8th Happiest Country in the World: New Zealand

Wild and beautiful, New Zealand is so welcoming and has a great appeal, for a holiday or to live there permanently. It is an amazing place for families with kids who love to live the nature at its fullest!

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7th Happiest Country in the World: Sweden

Welcome back to Europe! The northern part dominates this rank. An excellent social support and a very high life expectancy make Sweden one of the best places to live and travel in the world. When in Stockholm, enjoy the happiness doing a Tapsy Tour!

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6th Happiest Country in the World: Switzerland

Low taxes, amazing life expectancy and great economy make Switzerland a great place to live and visit, with loads of natural attractions and places thought for children.

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5th Happiest Country in the World: Netherlands

Amsterdam on the top, but the whole Netherlands are so relaxing and welcoming! They really care about peace and freedom, together with their slow way of life.

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4th Happiest Country in the World: Iceland

Health care and accessible education makes Iceland the 4th in the rank! But the best part of the island remains its beautiful landscapes. In 2018 it has been elected the first country in the world for enforce equal pay for women and men. Most of all, it is a dreaming place to explore with kids, here they will learn a lot about geology and enjoy the best European landscapes!

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3rd Happiest Country in the World: Norway

No corruption and excellent social support, that’s why Norway is on the 3rd step! Considering its absolutely amazing landscapes made by woods and fjords, it could be considered a paradise. And, most of all, you can explore Norway with Tapsy Tours! The choice is yours, follow me in Geiranger, Stavanger and Bergen to discover everything about myths and local life!

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2nd Happiest Country in the World: Denmark

The Country of Hygge! This word cannot be translated properly, it means you’re in good mood, happy, enjoying life at its fullest. That’s what Denmark does, plus having the smallest wealth gaps in the world and one of the highest life expectancy. So, when in Copenhagen, enjoy the hygge with me, book a Tapsy Tour of the city!

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1st Happiest Country in the World: Finland

The happiest of them all! Finland is on the number one for the generosity of its people, the extraordinary freedom offered, the great social structure and the amazing landscapes! What are you waiting for? Start from Helsinki and book a Tapsy Tour with me!


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