Looking for the best family hotels in Italy? Here you can find 3 spots, one for each latitude. Great places for children, in the very heart of Italian beauty

Best family hotels in Italy - Tapsy Blog - Dolomites

A trip to Italy is something that everyone should do many times in a lifetime, so better to start early! The Belpaese has always been a true paradise for families with kids, thanks to its great offer in terms of different landscapes, attractions and activities.

What about the hospitality? Taking care of guests here it’s a serious matter and Italians are famous for this. Family hospitality it’s not an exception, so where are the best family hotels in Italy?

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September and October are still great periods to enjoy a bit of sea in south of Italy, and Campania is one of the best destination to pick. The coastal line is amazing and very different from point to point, with big gold sand beaches and ancient cliffs. The  hinterland is full of history, great local culture and delicious food. A good plan is to spend at least a week strolling around the region, starting from Naples, passing through Pompeii – where you can book a Tapsy tour for your children – then going south, visiting the Amalfi coast highlight and driving on to Cilento area.

Best family hotel in Italy - Tapsy Blog - Palinuro

This National Park is wild and smooth at the same time! Don’t miss to visit the archeological area of Paestum and go for adventure on the river at the Grotte di Pertosa, then have some family relax at the Hotel Saline in Palinuro, where a very professional staff is trained to take care of your children.

Credits @Hotel Saline in Palinuro


Tuscany has always been considered the very heart of Italian tourism, and who can say it’s not true? This region has everything for everyone: young, old, sporty, food lovers, culture experts…what’s your field? It is a great place for children because cities, villages and countryside are made for them: they are very quiet and family friendly, your family can go biking, hiking and trekking everywhere. On my list of the best family hotels in Italy, on the Etruscan coast, Le Capanne Camping Village is perfect to enjoy nature at the fullest. Playgrounds and minicab are made to ensure a perfect fun time for kids.

Best family hotels in Italy - Le Capanne Camping Village - Tapsy Blog

Credits @Le Capanne Camping Village

From here, you can explore half Tuscany. Pisa and Florence are just one hour away, and you can visit them with Tapsy!

If you prefer to stay in the area, there is a lot to explore! The coast is famous for oil and wine tastings, and it is full of attractions for children, like Bibbolandia (an amusement park) and the Archeological park of Baratti and Populonia, where you can discover the origins of Etruscans. Il Cavallino Matto is the biggest amusement park of Tuscany and it is just 20 km away from Bibbona.

Best family hotels in Italy - Tapsy Blog - Pisa


If mountain is a family passion, Trentino is your destination. Some of the best family hotels in Italy are here. An amazing and very family friendly Region, house of the Dolomites and some of the most incredible high altitude views of Italy.

Going to Luson, you will be at the doors of Dolomites and can enjoy some wonderful days between sports and excursions. The Familienhotel Sonnwies has a family spa, an acquapark and many excursions designed for families who wants to go exploring.

Best family hotels in Italy - Familienhotel Sonnwies - Tapsy Blog

Credits @Sonnwies

Every season is perfect to visit, winter is made for skiing, the rest of the year for trekking and outdoor sports available for every age-level of experience.


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