Whatever you are looking for the best parks in London for kids to have a picnic or just to enjoy some fun family time together, here you will find a guide to the best green lungs in the capital of UK!

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Squirrels, fountains, colored flowers, there are many things that have made many parks in London famous. However, as the city if big, a guide to the highlights of each park is more than necessary. And who better than someone who is used to running tours of London for families with kids can help you with this? Follow me and start organizing your family adventure!


Considering that London is one of the greenest cities in the world, it’s no surprise that finding the right park can be a bit confusing. That’s why I am here, to guide you to the top 6 best parks in London to enjoy with kids!


THE London park par excellence! Covering 142 hectares, Hyde Park is the biggest park in London, as well as a place rich in highlights, such as: the Serpentine Lake, the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain and the surprising Speakers’ Corner. However, my personal favorite reason to visit this park are the funny and super friendly squirrels that inhabit his park.

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Even if your kids don’t like Bambi, they will absolutely love this place! Full of cute deer running throughout the park. Moreover, there are many doves in the lakes and beautiful flowers, especially near Pembroke Lodge and Henry’s Mound. It is in fact a true paradise for all those families who like nature!

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This park combines fascinating paths full of flowers, with facilities for children. Consider that just in Queen Mary’s Gardens there are more than 12,000 roses, that it hosts 5 children’s playgrounds and it boasts a lake when you can hire a rowing boat or play with the ducks.

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The highlight of this park are the pelicans that live here. Just be sure to take your kids here between 2:30pm and 3:00pm, to have the chance to watch the pelicans of the parks being fed with fresh fish! Moreover, from some panoramic points of the park, you can have a great view of Buckingham Palace.

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Located within Hyde Park, this royal park in one of the most beloved by the Londoners of all ages. In fact, here you will find Peter Pan’s statue, the Albert memorial, the Italian gardens, the Elfin Oak Sculpture and the amazing gardens that adorn Kensington Palace.

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Situated outside central London, this park is the oldest Royal Park and one of the biggest green lungs of the city. Moreover, it is situated just outside Greenwich Royal Observatory, a true scientific must-see for kids!

If you want to engage kids in the discovery of the capital of UK, get them kid-oriented interactive guide of London, full of games and riddles to have fun while learning the best facts about the highlights of London!


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