And the best pizza in Rome is…. follow Tapsy to discover some delicious spots in town to enjoy with your kids!

Why pizza is so famous? Because it is deliciooooous! And it is that kind of food you can eat 24/7, all year long. Italians know what they do when they talk about food, so whenever you are in Italy, you can get the chance to taste some very very nice pizza. Every region has a tradition, the most famous is the one from Naples, of course, but even in Rome pizza is a religion, did you know that? Follow me to enjoy the best pizza in Rome with your kids!

best pizza in rome


A street food tradition

Be careful when you look for the best pizza in Rome, because you have to split your research in two parts: the classic round one or the ‘pizza al taglio’, which is basically a squared slice of pizza to have in different tastes. Romans are masters of pizza al taglio, one of the most common street food to find in the Eternal city. I am launching a super family tour with pizza included in Rome! Ready to go?

best pizza in rome

Credits @Seu Pizza Illuminati

Pizza al taglio, where to go

Pizza shops, ancient bakeries, long levitation, salad and sweet tastes combined together: the best pizza in Rome is hard to find, because they are all so good! Let’s start from the sliced one, which is the most delicious! In Testaccio area there is the local market, Mercato Testaccio, where you can find definitely one of the best pizza in Roma, at Casa Manco , a temple of sweet and sour tastes mixed with great flours. At Mercato Centrale in Termini Station, don’t miss one of the real masters of pizza, Gabriele Bonci, which has a nice corner full of bread and delicious pizza made by pure marine salt and fresh seasonal ingredients; Bonci’s headquarter, though, is Pizzarium at Via della Meloria, here you see the full display of all the pizza and bread you can dream on. If in the centre, don’t miss ZazĂ , a tiny tiny shop in Piazza Sant’Eustachio perfect to taste the authentic roman tradition.

Credits @Gabriele Bonci

Best pizza in Rome, the round one

If you like a place to sit and have a very good round pizza with your kids, options are infinite. Start from Seu – Pizza Illuminati, one of the most famous spot in the city. Long levitation and such a delicious pizza! If you’re in Monteverde area, try La Gatta Mangiona, a quiet and nice place away from the crowd with a very special taste for pizza. Michele, one of the most famous Naples’ pizzeria, has opened n Rome few years ago, in Flaminio area. Must try! Looking for the authentic roman pinsa (sort of pizza)? Try at La Pratolina, in Vatican area. You can’t miss it if you want to taste a real ancient roman flavor!

Credits @Casa Manco



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