What are the best ski places in Europe where you can combine sport and some culture nearby with kids? Here it is my super-secret list! Come with me through this winter adventure!best ski places in europe with kids

When go skiing, go north! Europe is plenty of amazing places to ski, pretty much every country has its great ski places to enjoy with kids.

According to my TAPSYlicious experience, heading to north Europe for skiing is the best way to enjoy sport, mountain, culture and beautiful cities.

So follow me in this nordic journey, I will give you great ideas to spend a week, or a weekend, enjoying snow and culture with your kids!

best places to ski with family in Europe_Tapsy BlogBEST SKI PLACES IN EUROPE: HELSINKI

So nordic, so beautiful.  Helsinki is definitely a spot to consider if you are planning a fun and entertaining experience for your children. Here it is my plan: come with me to Helsinki for a Tapsy Tour, I will show you the best attractions of the city, so you can focus to plan your ski time. Where?

Uusimaa, with its 19 kilometers of slopes, it is a good choice: the ski resort is served by 45 ski lifts and it is one of the most fun places to go with your kids, to enjoy the nordic atmosphere. The ski resort Alhovuori is the biggest one in the area, with 3,5 km of total slope length.

Tapsy Tour of Helsinki with kidsBEST SKI PLACES IN EUROPE: COPENHAGEN

Big news here! Copenhagen will become the first place in Europe where you can literally ski into the city. Based on an idea of 2011, this dream is becoming true: a ski slope is opening on the new Copenhagen power plant. Yes, exactly, a power plant! From next year, one of the world longest artificial ski-slopes will open on the roof of the city’s new ‘green-waste-to-energy’ power plant. It will be a unique experience and – certainly – one of the funniest places to be for the whole family!

Combine it with my Copenhagen tour and here we are! Your family holiday is complete!

Tapsy Tour of Stockholm with kidsBEST SKI PLACES IN EUROPE: STOCKHOLM

Let’s get back to the north-east. Did I mention that Stockholm is one of the most Tapsy-friendly cities of Europe? Maybe it is not the most famous place to sky in Sweden, but not far away from the city you will find great real and artificial slopes within easy reach of the city centre. Some of them are very close, like less than half an hour from the city. Slopes are not too long, but they are ideal for children who want to practice and learn all the secrets of skiing. Hammarbybacken is less than 10 minutes driving from Stockholm, Flottsbro is around 25 kilometers away from the city centre. Ekholmsnäbacken – not so big – is probably the best choice for children, and it’s only at 25 minutes driving from Stockholm. So, here it is our perfect plan!

Tapsy Tour of Stockholm for families with kids

Let’s make a tour of the city and let’s go skiing then!


best places in Europe with kids_Tapsy Blog

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