Carnival in Italy is a centuries-old tradition and you should enjoy it with kids one day or another, because February is one of the best period to travel through Italy and discover all its beauty. Come with Tapsy!


One of the things Italy does best, apart from being stunning, is having Carnival. This very old tradition goes on and on every year, in different ways, in different part of the Country.

If you are planning to travel here during this period (from 9th to 25th February in 2020), you can consider to plan your itinerary including one or more of the Carnival in Italy.  Ready to go? Follow the mole!

carnival in italy


carnival in italy

The great classic of Venice, Veneto

First of all, you have to know that going to Venice during this period could be expensive and you will spend a lot of time into the crowd. Why you should do it? Because Venice hosts one of the most beautiful  Carnival in Italy and the most famous, so you match 2 important family travel goals: visiting a stunning city and attending to its most famous event. If you are a brave family it is definitely something to do. The first Carnival in Venice was recorded in 1268! At that time, the mask makers (mascareni) had a special position in the society, enjoying many privileges. People used to wear masks not only during Carnival but also the day after Christmas and in October, so it was very common – for a very long time – seeing people in disguise along the calle (little streets) of Venice. Kids will love the mysterious atmosphere that surround the city at Carnival!

The historical Carnival in Ivrea, Piedmont

Maybe some of you are considering to spend a nice family winter vacation on the west Alps in Piedmont, an Italian region that can tell you a lot about the history of the entire Country, because it has been house of the Royal family of Savoia, when italy was a Monarchy. Not far away from Turin, the chief town, Ivrea hosts one of the most well known Carnival in Italy. It is famous for the Battle of the Oranges, which is an allegory of struggle for freedom.  Thousands of townspeople literally throw oranges to each other! Find a nice corner where to watch the battle, it is an historical tradition that will amaze kids!

carnival in italy

The Tuscan tradition in Viareggio, Tuscany

Here comes the fun. If in Tuscany, you will be busy enjoying your time with kids, and here I can help. Have a Tapsy tour with me in Florence or Pisa, I can introduce kids to 2 of the most famous people in Italy: Leonardo da Vinci in Florence and Galileo Galilei in Pisa. I love scientists, did I already mention that? We can discover together the biggest highlights of both the cities and learn about how much the two genius influenced history, art and science in Italy.  Just few kilometres away from Pisa,  Viareggio knows how to celebrate Carnival properly.  It lasts a month with celebrations day by day. Its Carnival floats are the most famous of Italy, made by paper-pulp, depicting caricatures of popular people, from politicians, to showmen, sportsmen, even the Pope! Rent a costume for your kids (and for you!) and enjoy the parade!

carnival in italy

The southern tradition in Putignano, Puglia

Putignano hosts one of the oldest Carnival in Italy! It began in 1394, when the Knights of Malta transferred the relics of Saint Stephen from Monopoli to Putignano, trying to protect them from invading Saracens.  After the religious ceremony that brought the relics, the country folk began to sing and to recite Propaggini, satirical poems which poke fun at authority figures. From that day, every year Putignano joke about life with its colorful floats. Enjoying Puglia in February is a good idea if you want to take the best of this Region! The good news is Putignano is literally beside Alberobello and its famous Trulli, and guess who runs a family tour in this stunning place? Follow me for more family adventures! 


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