Family vacations can be a nightmare for your wallet, but with the right tips you can enjoy your holidays with kids at the fullest and save money. Follow Tapsy!

Is travel with kids expensive? Sometimes. Not every country or every place on your travel wishlist is accessible for the whole family, but hey! Who said you can’t go? Find here some useful tips to get the best from your family vacations and don’t get poor. The important is to go, no matter where!



Plan your budget for family vacations

It might seems a silly advice, but not everybody plan their budget in advance, and respect it. Sometimes, families book their vacation step by step and don’t really consider how much they can spend, so they blow their budget before the holiday has even started! Sit at the table, do your homework and plan how much you can spend for every single moment of your family journey.¬† Don’t forget to set a budget for extras. Boring? Perhaps, but you will thank yourself.

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Book accomodations with benefits (and out of the tourists path)

What is one of the most expensive things you buy while travelling? Food. Not every country has cheap food (north Europe, for example), so when you book and accomodation (hotel, apartments…) be sure there is a little kitchen corner (fridge, microwave…) where you can eventually cook, instead of eating out every day! Easy, isn’t it? I know that staying in the city centre is cool, but if you use Google maps to better understand the distance between places and the public transportation, you can find very nice solutions out of the tourists path and, if you travel by car, also in the countryside. A great way to explore the genuine life outside the crowd.

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Avoid tourist traps during your family vacations

Restaurants with never ending menu in 10 different languages? No, thanks. Expensive plastic gadgets? Next time, maybe. A real traveller knows how to stay away from this and, thank God, also the internet knows it. Do your researches, compare reviews and prices, do your dream list of all the genuine local places you can find, it is plenty of it!

Book tours in advance

If you really like to learn more about local history and culture with your kids, book a family tour with a professional and kid-friendly guide is always a good idea. You will enjoy all the beauty of the places you will visit and kids will be busy playing and learning about them. How is it possible? By booking a Tapsy Tour, of course! Find me in Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Pisa, Alberobello, Marseille, Barcelona, Lisbon, Stonehenge, London (soon available again!), Copenhagen, Bergen, Stavanger, Geiranger and St Petersburg!

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Look for free attractions

Every place has its free attractions that are worth to visit. Take always a look on the internet and plan your daily itinerary including tours and free activities.

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Use bikes or…walk!

One of the best ways to enjoy local life and move through cities, countrysides, coasts, mountains is to use your legs, so walk! It is good for your family health. Little kids? Rent some bike with a seat for the baby and go discover the world during your family vacations!

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