Are you looking for the best places to eat in Barcelona with kids? Here you will find a complete guide to the most child-friendly restaurants and cafes of the Spanish city.Sagrada familia with Tapsy tours for families with kids

If you had doubts that taking kids to Barcelona could be a good idea or not, after reading this article you will be 100% convinced that your kids will be more than welcome in the capital of Catalonia. In fact, Barcelona offers a wide range of activities tailored to families with kids, first of all the Tapsy Tour of Barcelona, a city tour tailored to families with kids that will completely change your idea of travelling with kids! Through games, songs and riddles, you will discover the most interesting places in Barcelona with your kids in a cultural, but at the same time extremely fun, way for the whole family!


Barcelona will surprise you with a wide range of not just kid-friendly, but even kid-oriented places to eat! Try them after exploring the colorful and fascinating Gaudi’s port city with me!


Situated at a walking distance from Parc Güell, Amaloca is a place where kids can have fun while waiting for their meal to be ready…and parents can relax! Next to the tables there is in fact the “Amaloteca”, a play area where kids can play with a little blackboard, lots of books and many colorful wooden toys.

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Many restaurants in Barcelona have play areas for kids, Semproniana offers something more: a cooking workshop for children! If your kids’ dream is to become a great chef, that’s the right place to take them! From first course to dessert, they will cook a complete meal and eat it afterwords. And who knows, maybe one day they will become good enough to cook for you at home!


Besides being a great place to enjoy a coffee or tea break, this cafè hosts a great and spacious play area with lots of games among which a trampoline for children! Located in the centre of Barcelona, it is a great place to stop after visiting Casa Milà, better known as La Pedrera. If you have time to plan your activities in advance, check on their website the workshops they organize in different languages.

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If you are in Barcelona with kids, you can’t but take them to the Font Mágica, a fountain where a scenic light show takes place in the evening. If you are at Font Mágica with kids, you can’t but take them to Suarna. Besides offering a kids’ menu and high chairs, it is provided with a kids zone full of toys kids can enjoy before of after eating!


If you you like Asian food, but since you had kids you started thinking that your time for sushi was over, you have to try Doble Zeroo to change your mind! This restaurant located in the Barceloneta area offers a wide range of fusion dishes, aimed at all ages. Besides having a children a menu, they are also provided with a play area for kids within the restaurant and a green area just outside where they can play while you eat and keep and eye to them from the terrace.

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Centonize is more than an hotel restaurant, it’s a great place to take kids out for lunch or dinner while you are next to La Rambla. In fact, besides offering a kids menu, it is provided with material for kids to produces creativities while waiting for their meal. As it is located next to La Rambla, the next stop of the Tapsy Tour of Barcelona, I often suggest families to stop here for lunch after visiting the highlights of the city with me!

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