Merry Christmas, everyone! Here it is my Christmas songs selection to listen while you travel to reach the rest of your family or if you are unpacking gifts with children. Have fun!

It’s not Christmas without some Christmas songs to sing out loud with your kids. Singing is good for your health! It makes you happy, kids can learn new songs and all the family will have fun playing the big Christmas Karaoke. What is your favorite? Which one would you like to teach to your children?

Christmas is a state of mind, but – apart from religion – is a great family moment, that one where you can enjoy your time with kids and teach them about joy, kindness, being good human beings and responsible travelers while exploring the world.

So, any suggestion? Here they are my favorite songs!

Christmas songs to sing with kids: I want an hippopotamus for Christmas

I am a mole, and I want an hippopotamus for Christmas! This is one of my favorite Christmas song to play during a trip or while I am packing my gifts for family and friends. Ready to sing?

Christmas songs to sing with with kids: Oh Happy Day

Did i ever mention how much I love gospel music? This is probably the most representative gospel song in the whole world, it has to be in my list! If your kids are shy to sing, try with this one below!

Christmas song to sing with kids: Frosty the snowman

This is the story of a sad snowman that becomes the best friend of a lonely kid. Have good friend is as much important as to make great travels!

Christmas songs to sing with kids: Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Have you ever seen a red nosed reindeer? If so, it was probably Rudolph! Push play and sing out loud with kids!

Christmas songs to sing with kids: Jingle bells rock

There is jingle bells and jingle bells rock, and the second one is definitely the one I use to play out loud, especially while I am rolling into the snow!

Christmas songs to sing with kids: Rockin’ around the Christmas tree

You have a mission this Christmas, and it’s rocking around the tree with your kids! Nothing is better than dancing to start celebrate, right?

Christmas songs to sing with kids: Santa Claus is coming to town

Learn from the Jackson 5, some of the most famous kids band ever, so your children will be ready when Santa comes!

I bet you sung them all out loud! Hope you all are ready to celebrate and enjoy this Christmas with the ones you love. See you soon with great news and new travel adventures!



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