Family holidays in South of France are easy to do, even in summer, when pretty much everybody go there. How? Follow my tips to escape the crowd and enjoy an authentic good time with your kids in the most beautiful and secret places!

Family Holidays in south of France_Tapsy Tours for families with kids

Do you want to enjoy family holidays in South of France? Go now. Or at the end of summer.

If you really want to catch the true spirit of this amazing corner of France, you should avoid the crowd and let you children run free into the lavender’s field! But if summer is the only period you have to visit South of Franace, here there are some tapsylicious escamotages to avoid the crowd and have a very relaxing French time with your children. Foooollow me!


Keep reading to discover the best crowd-free places  to go on holiday in South of France with your kids!

Family Holidays in south of France_Tapsy Tours for families with kids


Fly to Marseille, book a stay, start your journey from here. When everybody escape to the beach, you can enjoy the city at its best and do a Tapsy Tour with me! Chasing pirates it is always a good way to start the day, isn’t it? We will end to the port area and you will be just a few steps from the MUCEM, the local Contemporary Art Museum. It is an amazing architecture building and super kid friendly, with a space devoted to children in the bookshop area and a huge space outside to play free from the traffic jam.

family holidays in South of France_Marseille_Tapsy Blog


Here you have two choices: the most obvious is sailing to the Calanque National Park, beautiful but maybe a bit crowded. If you are looking for a more relaxing situation, especially for kids, you can go the beaches along the Blue Coast, north west of Marseille. The most beautiful is probably the sandy beach of plage du Verdon, a very well knowed beach for children, with a good set up and a large parking. Another good one is the beach beside Parc Borély, a great place for kids, with a playground, a skateboarding park and a carousel, for a super funny family time on the beach!

Family holidays in South of France_Parc Borély_Tapsy Blog


When everybody go to Aix-en-Provence, you go to Isle de la Sorgue. This beautiful village is one of that places still crowd-free and you should absolutely visit it before millions of tourists do! It si perfect for children: small, quiet and full of water channels, like a little Venice. What to see here? Not far away from Avignon (which always deserves a visit) Isle de la Sorgue is as pretty as easy to see. It seems to be still in the 16th century, the atmosphere is frozen in time here. It is full of little shops of craftsmen and arcades, they are open even on Sunday morning and it is a good chance to seek out some authentic masterpieces, children will love to see how they work!

family holidays in south of France_Isle sur la sorgue_Tapsy Blog

Don’t miss a visit to the Tour d’Argent, an ancient tower from the 13th century which is now a culture space. The main church is Notre Dame des Anges, it is decorated inside with grand paintings and 222 angels statues!


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