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Do you need a good news for the weekend? I am releasing my eBooks for kids and now is the turn of Ancient Rome – A walk in the footsteps of Gladiators. Ready to follow me in this amazing journey?

I know how much can be hard for kids to face this period, and also for their parents! My eBook for kids its designed to accompany families during their travels around Europe, helping them to explore the most beautiful cities from children’s point of view.

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A walk in the footsteps of Gladiators is an exciting travel through time to ancient Rome, with particular regard to the Colosseum and the Roman forum, which are still considered the very heart of Roman beauty. Rome is such big city which have not just one centre, but many. Each centre has its peculiars and represent a specific era, from the big Roman empire to the middle age, the Renaissance, the XIX century and the roaring ’20. So when you visit the city, I recommend to focus each day to a specific area, so kids don’t get tired and can enjoy the walk at the fullest!

ebook for kis


What it inside the eBook for kids “Tapsy – in the footsteps of gladiators”? You will see! Songs, games riddles and curiosities about the ancient life around the Colosseum, people’s habits and kids life.

ebook for kis


Starting from the name of the planets, kids will discover they are all name of Roman gods! They will travel to the Circus Maximus, the huge playground  of emperors. From there, they will ‘move’ to Colosseum and discovering all the secrets hidden on its walls and arches, learning how to recognize roman numbers and the difference between columns and capitals. Going on, they will guess which one is a proper gladiator and learn more about their life and what they used to eat before to go fighting in the arena! In front of the Colosseum is the Roman forum, which was the centre of the political and economic life of the Roman era. When you visit Rome with a Tapsy tour with kids you can enjoy a view on the Forum from different points and realize how big was the area and how many important buildings it hosts. Today, the Forum is the house of some special guests, read the eBook to discover who they are!

The eBook for kids is currently available in English on Amazon, don’t miss it and see you soon in Rome!





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