Top 5 of the best European cities to visit in 2020! Are you already planning your spring-summer vacations? Find here the useful Tapsy’s tips!


Spring is coming and we are all thinking about where to go with kids to start a new season of exploring adventures! Europe is always one of the best places to be, with its variety of exciting cities to visit. What is going on in 2020? Find below 5 of the best European cities to discover with kids this year. Enjoy your journey!|



Not Rome, not Venice, not Florence. Naples is the number one of the European cities in Italy to explore with your children this year. This city is living a real ‘reinassance’ but it’s still a genuine place to meet genuine people and eat genuine food (suuuuper delicious). Apart form eating tons of pizza and street food, Naples is worth to explore, every corner is a surprise and the city is growing up very fast. At MADRE museum (modern art) you will often find activities for kids. Want some goosebumps? Explore Naples’ underground with kids and get fascinated by the mystery of the city!

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Hello Ireland! Galway is the Capital of culture 2020 and definitely one of the top 5 European cities to visit with kids! More than 1.900 different events will light the city all over 2020. The main theme will be the nature and the language, with the great Celtic tradition for which Ireland is famous all over the world.

DON’T MISS: The incredible light work of ‘Savage beauty‘ , 14-17 March

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Go before it’s too hot! Summer can be very challenging to visit Madrid, but the rest of the year is perfect to enjoy the Spanish capital and all its beauties. Eat your tortilla sandwich and then going to explore the city with kids! The Royal Palace, the amazing museums, the stunning squares and the great atmosphere is something kids will never forget.

DON’T MISS: The Reina Sofia Museum with its visits and activities for kids

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If everybody go to Berlin, you go to Munich! The Bavarian city is perfect for a family weekend getaway and one of the European cities to visit. It is very elegant but with different attractions for kids, from a stroll to the beautiful English gardens to a day at the German Museum, which can perfectly match kids curiosity.

DON’T MISS: The Bavaria Film studios, the German answer to Hollywood. Super fun!

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Scotland is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! And Edinburgh is such an great place to be with kids. If there is an ideal month to be there, it is August, when the city becomes a huge open-air theatre full of music and shows and bagpipes! The Edinburgh Fringe festival is an explosion of joy and art, ideal for people of all ages. Plus, the city is splendid with its castle and the beautiful views and the typical summer light of North Europe.

DON’T MISS: The Edinburgh dungeon and its dark and spooky history!

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