Great history? Yes. Amazing architecture and ancient buildings? Of course, but Rome is not just that for families with kids. There is a place where you can take a break and your children can learn a lot, playing and sharing fun with you. This place is EXPLORA, come with me and discover it!

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You know how much I love Rome, it is a very TAPSYicious city, with all its history, legends, beautiful landscapes! A perfect place for families with kids, no better spot than the Eternal City to  have fun and learn at the same time. I run 2 different kind of Family tours here, Classic and Ancient Rome because 2 is better than 1!

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Anyway, the historic centre is not the only fun part for kids here: Rome is full of museums, and some of them are made to measure for children. The best one? Probably EXPLORA. It definitely deserves a visit, and your kids will agree with me once they get into this place, the ideal spot to take a break from the city and discover a fantastic world for children.


EXPLORA define itself ‘the kids museum of Rome’ and in fact it is the only space entirely devoted to children in town.

A museum, a playground, a learning space, a definitely-family-friendly place.

The main mission of EXPLORA is to encourage and help children’s natural desire to learn. Why not having fun while doing it? You know, to me fun is real only when shared, and that’s what happens at EXPLORA: kids and parents can definitely share a good time here, both learning something new. The Museum is – of course – open to schools, and collaborate with teachers to create non-disciplinary activities, challenging experiences to be followed up at school.

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EXPLORA promotes science, research and knowledge about new technologies.

EXPLORA is the first non-profit and privately owned permanent museum thought for children. Not just the museum, there is also a free green area all around where roman families like to spend their afternoons and weekends.


I personally tested EXPLORA, and it seems that you and your children can share lots of activities together here! Designing, challenging, stimulating creativity during interactive exhibitions. What else? Workshops for families, schools, educators and teachers, and many other activities thought for kids.

Explora museum in Rome_Tapsy Blog


Here it is the news! I will be at EXPLORA on Saturday the 16th of March to meet kids and introduce them to my Talking mApp, an interactive map – with an App too! – to discover Rome in a fun, engaging way with the family. Maybe you don’t know that I am not just a mole, I am also editor of maps and books for kids who want to explore the world! My publishing house, The Mole Hill, edits all those projects, and I can’t literally wait to share them with you.

Don’t miss this chance!

The Mole Hill @EXPLORA

Saturday, the 16 th of March

From 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Bookshop – EXPLORA Museum

Via Flaminia 82, Rome




















Coming with public transports? Take the underground, Line A, until Flaminio stop, then just walk for a few minutes on via Flaminia. Several buses can bring you there: 61, 160, 490, 491, 495, 628, 89, 926, C3, M Line, 120, 150, 160, tram n. 2 and 19.

I’ll meet you there!


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