I am absolutely in love with fall in London, a great period to discover the best of the city with your kids, getting lost into colors, parks, museums and Christmas tradition. Come with me!Tapsy Tour of London for families with kids

Wave your hands if you love fall like I do! And what’s better than fall in London with kids?

What? You’ve never been there? Shame! Luckily, I am here to solve all your travelling problems and I am getting ready with my English hat to show you how beautiful fall in London can be.

First of all, you should know that fall in London is like of the best moments to explore the city with kids, enjoying the atmosphere. Christmas comes early here, like in many northern European cities, so kids will have fun discovering all the magic around there.

If you want to know London, start from the green: not just one of the main colors of this country,  but also an important part of the city.

Hyde Park in London on Tapsy Blog

Did you know that London has 8 Royal Parks? Hyde Park is certainly the most famous and central. What’s in there? Moles like me? Uhmm…try again! Squirrels are kings here, kids will have fun finding them all around the park, hidden between trees or benches.

Squirrels in London_Tapsy Blog

If you are planning to go on Christmas, don’t forget to go here and look at the crazy divers who use to jump into the freezing lake Serpentine! I did it just once and I almost died, for Mole’s sake!

Speaking of children, only Kensington Park can beat Hyde Park, guess why? A statue of a famous fairy tale character is situated here…can you tell who? A little clue for you, he can fly but he’s not a bird! If you are too curious too wait, use my guide to find out more.

Travel guide of London_The Mole Hill

Done with parks, let’s stroll to the Royals. Buckingham Palace is a must see, we all know, as much as the Westminster Abbey and the London eye, the Tower of London (I’ve already told you about that here.

Fall in London is a perfect moment to visit the Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare’s company used to perform. Maybe there is a little poet hidden into your children, let’s find it out!

Between a cup of tea for parents and an hot chocolate for children, there must be space for art and culture: nothing best that the Tate Modern! I love this place, it looks like it’s made for children. Modern art paintings, installation, exhibitions and events for children.

Autumn in London with kids_Tapsy Tours for families with kids

Looking for Christmas atmosphere? Go straight to Piccadilly Circus and turn to Regent Street and Oxford Street, starting from November this streets are completely surrounded by Christmas lights!

Harrods is a must see for kids and parents, not just a shopping paradise but a huge Christmas box, entirely covered by lights outside and plenty of ideas and gifts inside.

What to eat? Fish and chips, of course! A traditional dish, a state of mind, something that children will love for sure. As a mole, I would eat it like eeevery day!

Fall in London with kids on Tapsy Blog

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