There’s no doubt that fall in Rome is the best moment of the year to visit the city: come with me in a fantastic journey through the ancient roman ruins, children will be tapsylized!

Vittorio Emanuele II bridge_Tapsy's itinerary of Rome for families with kidsFall in Rome, can you imagine a better place to be in this time of the year? Me, absolutely not!

Nothing can beat strolling around streets and fabulous monuments with your kids, enjoying the roman sunset!

Guess who could be your best mate for this journey? Silly question, it’s me of course.

The Eternal city is my den number 1! If you want to discover more about ancient romans in a funny and engaging way for children, follow me in the this great journey!

Tapsy Tour of Rome for families with kids inside the Colosseum

Our fall in Rome journey starts from the one and only: the Colosseum! I’ve been here sooo many times, I’ve met gladiators, I fought with lions…no, kidding, they would have had me for breakfast! Anyway, children can’t absolutely miss the chance to get inside the biggest roman arena and breathe the air of years of history. Learn and have fun, I was born for it! I will teach children all the secrets of this place, helping them find roman numbers all over the Colosseum surface.

How many styles of columns’ capital did romans have? How many gladiators fought in the arena?

Let’s find it out together!

Once we left the Colosseum, I will begin you to an incredible overview on the Capitoline Hill: this is one of the most important squares in Rome. From one of the buildings overlooking it, there is the Mayor who governs the whole city. Children, take a look under your feet! If you watch carefully, you will see a complex and beautiful geometric drawing on the square’s floor: I will challenge you to discover what is drawn at the centre of the square, will you be smart enough to find it out?

Tapsy's itinerary through the Roman Forum on Tapsy Blog

The best moment of a day of fall in Rome? It is when you take an overview from the terrace of Palazzo Senatorio – on the Capitoline Hill – and you see the magnificence of the Roman Forum in front of you. Centuries of history show all their beauty under the beautiful fall’s sky.

Tapsylicious curiosity: did you know that many cats live in the Forum? They’ve become the kings of the ancient city! Come with me and let’s find how many cats are hidden behind ancient stones, temples and buildings!

This spectacular overview is the perfect place for a family portrait, but it is not the only terrace on the Capitoline Hill. Walking back to the main stairs, another spectacular point of view is waiting for  you, hidden on the left side: Terrazza Caffarelli shows you a breathtaking overview on the baroque roman skyline! Lots of church’s domes, typical Italian roofs, beautiful attics, I love this place!

Fall in Rome with kids on Tapsy Blog_Terrazza Caffarelli overlooking the Forum

We will count all the domes of Rome from this place! Too many to be counted on the fingers of two hands.

Now that you know everything about ancient romans, don’t miss the rest of the city centre. From the Capitoline Hill, you will easily reach other main attractions, like Piazza di Spagna, the Trevi fountain, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

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Are you looking for an innovative map and guide to discover Rome with kids? Have a look at the Talking Map and the Interactive Guide of Rome, available in the best libraries and on The Mole Hill website.


Talking Map of Rome for families with kidsInteractive Travel Guide of Rome for families with kids