If you are planning some family day trips from Paris, here you will find a guide through the most incredible places that you can easily reach from the capital of France and that your kids will love!

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Although “La Ville Lumiere” is often the main reason to visit France, there are many other places that are really worth visiting. Moreover, if you rely on a true family travel expert that can make you visit the highlights of Paris with children in a super engaging and kid-friendly way, you will have all the time in the world to visit many amazing nearby places.


Among theme parks, cathedrals, islands, harbors, villas and château, the outskirts of Paris will really surprise you with many incredible must-see places.


Listed under the UNESCO World Heritage sites, Versailles is a must see for everyone visiting Paris. Kids will be amazed by the incredible “Musical Fountains Shows” and “Musical Gardens” that are performed here.

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With its gardens, fountains and Baroque decorations, it will bring you back to its ancient splendours in an instant. It is in fact considered one of the most beautiful residences of the country, together with Versailles.

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I bet you have already heard the name of this village paired with Claude Monet’s one. That’s because the painter lived most of his life here, surrounded by the lilies of his famous Japanese style garden.

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Located in Chantilly town, at about 50 kilometers from Paris, this château will really surprise you. Besides the main building that seems to float on the water, there is a horse show that you can’t really miss. Make sure you plan your day trip in advance, as there are just a couple of horse shows a day!

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Amiens is a small village in northern France, mostly famous for its Cathédrale Notre-Dame D’amiens. Often compared to Notre Dame de Paris, this gothic Cathedral is not only one of the jewels of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, but is also the biggest Cathedral in the country.

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As Honoré de Balzac said, the Château D’azay-Le-Rideau is like “a faceted diamond set in the Indre”. And what can you add to this definition, besides saying that it is also a very interesting jewel of Renaissance?

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Besides its Cathedral, there is another great reason to visit Reims: Palace of Tau, the Episcopal Palace where the precious cathedral’s treasury is kept.

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Rouen, the capital of Normandy, is especially famous for the half-timbered houses that are still standing in the old town and that give it its iconic and magical aspect.

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Your kids and you will be amazed by the incredible original interiors, that will give you the chance to really imagine how daily life in the châteaux was. The cherry on the top? The amazing white and pink tulips in the garden!

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Said to be founded by an Irish hermit in the 5th century, this small island has a very interesting history, as well as one of the most incredible views in the whole country.

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With its colorful, old style houses reflecting in the water, Honfleur is probably one of the most beautiful harbors in all France. Moreover, thanks to its strategic position, it’s very popular for its fish dishes, especially mussels ones.

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With its majestic structure that mixes French medieval forms with classical Renaissance architecture, this châteaux is one of the most recognizable ones in the whole country, as well as the biggest one in the Loire Valley.

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Last but not least, the place where every kid in the world would like to be: Disneyland Paris! A true paradise for little (and not only!) Disney lovers.



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