A family road trip is what we need to live a relaxing and safe summer this year. You can move when you want, what time you want and where you want. What is the advantage? To discover hidden gems, to enjoy the view from the window, to reach places you couldn’t reach with public transport.

Do you know which Country is perfect for a family road trip? Italy, of course. With the 70% of the entire UNESCO world heritage, Italy is beautiful because it is different, and you can realize it only going from region to region. The landscape changes, traditions and art have many things in common but they never look the same from one place to another. So you and your kids can better understand the great history of Italy looking at it from different point of view.

Ready to go?

family road trip


Chasing for sun and greek history in Campania

Campania is the perfect region for a family road trip as it is very well connected pretty much at every corner. The southern part is full of little villages and amazing mountains that go straight to the sea, so better to go there with the car, as trains only serve the coastal line. This part is called Cilento, it is a National Park and it is full of wonders if you like a hidden retreat in the nature. Outdoor activities, beautiful sea and UNESCO sites (like Paestum or Padula) are waiting for you here. Going north, don’t miss a day trip to the Amalfi coast (you can reach it by car or by boat): a bit expensive but it worth the visit! You can choose an accomodation in Salerno (the closest city) and reach the coast during the day, to save some money. Heading north again, Sorrento lies on its cliffs to give you some dolce vita tastes. Few km away, the stunning Pompeii will show you all the secret of life as it was at roman era: to enjoy it at the fullest, book a Tapsy tour and come with me inside! Fun for children is guaranteed.  This region is a food paradise and its most famous expression is pizza. In Naples, where else? I am planning a super tour here too, stay tuned!

Family road trip: the many faces of Lazio

Once upon a time, there was Rome and all its wonders. As I said in a previous article, this is the perfect moment to visit the eternal city, with so less tourists. You can use it as a base for your regional road trip or moving around. ANYWAY! If in Rome, start form a Tapsy tour with me! I have many: the latest ones are on board the open bus or some tours on your own: you can choose between Classic Rome or Ancient Rome, or you can have both! Info at booking@tapsy.eu. Following the ancient via Aurelia you will head to the fabulous landscapes of Tuscia area, where the etruscan was. Wheat fields, sunflowers, ancient ruins and many of the most beautiful castles and villas of the Renaissance. If you look for some sea, in Italy there is one rule: go south. From Anzio to Gaeta, the coast is stunning and perfect for kids and perfect for a family road trip.

Exploring the Alps in Trentino

Alps belongs to Italy as much as romans and the mediterranean culture. Going here for your family road trip means to explore another different Italy, much more silent and quiet, and equally beautiful. Trentino has always been recognized as one of the most family-friendly region in Italy: a lot of activities and accomodation are thought for families and every season, here, is worth a visit. You can plan an itinerary based on the lakes, they are many and stunning. From the little villages on Tenno lake to the big Garda lake, from the mysterious Resia lake (with a bell tower in the water!) to the path that brings you to the Dolomites,  this place is a jump in the anture as you have never seen it.

family road trip

family road trip





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