Here it is my super list of Family Travel Bloggers you can’t miss this year (apart from me, of course!), to be always updated on the best things to do with your family around the world.

family travel bloggers to follow in 2019 on Tapsy Blog

2019 is here and I am ready to another great year of family travel time! I am getting ready to new fabulous destinations and can’t wait to show you places and cultures all around Europe…and more! In the meantime, I’ve taken a look around and found some of the best experts of family travels. It is interesting to see what they do, where they go, because families are my favorite people and I always look forward to know more about trends and destinations.

So who are the family travel bloggers we can’t forget to follow this year? Read my Tapsy’s review to discover them!


This is a typical American story. Garrett Gee, the father, was a university student when he invented and sold to Snapchat the famous app Scan. They paid him 54 millions of dollars, so he decided to quit everything and travel the world with his family. This is also a real modern family, because his wife, Jessica, worked hard for the entire family while Garrett was developing his ideas. Now they are enjoying the result of this hard work, traveling instead of spending them in cars, houses, expensive stuff. Who said that money can’t buy happiness, sometimes?

The bucket list family on Tapsy Blog


Because being parents means to be a bit mad! Who said that you can’t go for travel adventures anymore, if you have children? This beautiful family shows the world wonderful travel experiences through deserts, mountains, lakes, wild beaches, forests an much more. They also care a lot about sustainability and write about how to do plastic free journeys. Nothing better than this to be modern family travel bloggers. Approved!

Travel Mad Mum blog review on Tapsy Blog


Let’s get into the luxury. Those Family travel bloggers are specialized in expensive destinations and way to travel. They are a multiethnic family and their blog doesn’t only talk about travels, but also about home decor, kids health choices, food, entertaining, beauty and fashion. Maybe they could give me good advices about the best mole spring/summer haircut, while we travel together!

Top Flight Family travel blog on Tapsy Blog


Those family travel bloggers are UK Travel Blog award winners, they lived in Lisbon for a few years before spending a year around the world, going to the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. This globetrotter family is super active and willing to inspire other families with children to travel more. Take a journey with children is not a mission impossibile – I know it very well! – their blog is a good place to find practical informations about moving abroad or take it easy and slow while traveling with kids. TAPSYlicious!

One Tiny Leap family travel blog review on Tapsy Blog


Definitely a good blog to be if you are a single mom looking for travel advices, or even just a normal family! Made by a group of family travel bloggers, they have a special focus on Disney world and the American market. Planning a trip to the US, anyone?


Traveling Mom review on Tapsy Blog

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