Children deserve great travel memories before they grow up, so here it is Tapsy’s list of family travel mistakes not to make to have a perfect time!

family tarvel mistakes not to make_Tapsy Blog

Even if you wish your kids never grow up, they will do. Their interests change very quickly and you can’t expect they will always travel with you. But don’t worry, you have almost 18 years of travels with them before they leave you to go on their own adventures!

family travel mistakes not to make_Tapsy Blog

Which are the family travel mistake not to make to really enjoy your time with kids?

Here some useful Tapsy’s tips to live your holidays at the fullest and remember, the keyword is keeping them engaged!



Yes, travel with infants is easy in some way, they are ‘portable’ and you can go everywhere with them. So what to care about? The most important thing is to create a comfortable environment for them and don’t forget to keep them in their own routine. Respecting the schedules it’s really important, so basically this is all you have to do. If it’s nap time, let them sleep. If it’s eating time, please don’t make them wait too long. Don’t forget to bring with you their favorite toys and give them some space and time to move, so they will not cry the whole day.

family travel mistakes not to make_Tapsy Blog



Speaking of children, the best thing you can do for them is to book a Tapsy Tour with me! Kidding, well, not: my tours are designed for kids aged 5 to 12, they are operated in the main European cities and are the perfect way to discover curiosities, culture, history and local legends in a fun and educational mood.

Mistakes not to make with them: never forget to empower kids to pick what they are interested in doing, let them choose! Sport, culture, adventure, in any case, be with them. At this age, having fun while learning is the best way to grow conscious and responsible adults of tomorrow.

family travel mistakes not to make_Tapsy Blog



With great age comes great responsibility, especially if you are a teenager.

So, if you are a parent of a teenager, that’s what you have to do while traveling together. They have opinions. About everything. They want to choose and explain why. They prefer to stay in a certain neighborhood because they already know their favorite shop is around there. They are the internet generation, so they know things before you even think about. When you plan the trip, talk with them, listen to them, find the compromise. This is the best way to keep them engaged and not to risk to bore them (and you know it could be very easy!). Make the journey a good compromise between your interests and theirs.

family travel mistakes not to make_Tapsy Blog

Traveling with kids, also has many advantages, both for them and for you. Why don’t you read also the top 4 Reasons to Travel with Kids?


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