Planning a family trip to Denmark with a low budget? Here they are some simple and useful tricks to enjoy this beautiful country at its fullest and don’t spend too much!

family trip to Denmark_Tapsy Blog

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn are probably the best periods to do a family trip to Denmark, enjoying the good weather, the beautiful landscapes. Some may think Denmark is incredibly expensive and, in a certain way, they’re not wrong! But it doesn’t to be like this, especially if you are travelling with your kids. There are many ways to have fun, stay cheap and enjoy the ride in this beautiful destination. Do you want to know how? Follow Tapsy’s advice!


family trip to Denmark_Tapsy Blog


Maybe you don’t know that many of the main and most beautiful attractions of Denmark are free to see! One random: the splendid mermaid statue in Copenhagen! It has been sitting there for over 100 years and no one ever paid to see her. Speaking of Copenhagen, why don’t climb the tower of the Parliament and enjoy the beautiful view? It is free, and the highest point of the city. A walk on colorful Nyhavn quarter? Totally free and a great spot for pictures! Off from the cities, get a jump into nature: the white cliffs of Møn are one of the most beautiful natural attractions and the access is totally free. Want to feel like you and your kids ’re in the desert? Take a walk on the wild side of the migrating dune of Råbjerg, it seems like Sahara but with an impressive coastal view. Did you know that Denmark has a birth certificate? It is over 1000 year old and it id on a old Viking rune stone in Jelling.

family trip to Denmark_Tapsy Blog


One of the cheapest and best way to explore Denmark is discovering life in small villages. Denmark at its fullest is here, strolling through the prettiest towns and enjoying local life. It’s cheap, and it’s beautiful! Life doesn’t cost as much as in the cities and it is a very good chance for both parents and children to discover local tastes and habits. Go with locals!

family trip to Denmark_Tapsy Blog


Copenhagen is a must-see, especially if it is your first family time in Denmark. Even if the exploring the city could be an expensive journey, there are some tricks to don’t spend an absurd amount of money during your stay. First of all, book a Tapsy tour of the city with me! It’s cheap and gives children a great overview of the city. As I said before, many of the main attractions are for free, and you can easily move using bikes or scooters instead of the public transportation. Anyway, getting the Copenhagen Card is a good way to get scouts and free entries. It can cover the whole family. The city is plenty of family hotels and hostels , and they could be very cheap if you book in advance. Also renting an apartment on Airbnb can be a perfect solution.

family trip to Denmark_Tapsy Blog

To stay on your budget when eating, try some local delicious street food! Kids will love it, and it is plenty of places that cares about using local and healthy ingredients. If you rent an apartment, cook in it! It would be also a chance for you and the kids to learn some local recipes!


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