The best time of the year to travel is here! Yes, you bet: February in Europe with kids is the right moment to enjoy 5 wonderful cities with no crowds and no stress. Come with Tapsy!

Tapsy Tour of Stockholm with kids

We love to travel, so why stop just because it’s February? Visiting Europe with kids is an amazing idea all year long, so if you get any free time during the next weeks, come with me! I can show you the best spots in the best period to visit them without crowds of tourists.

Pack your bags, take your children, go to the airport: I’ll be waiting for you as soon as you get into one of this 5 beautiful cities. Hurry up!


Ah, Italy, always my favorite place, especially when I feel hungry and I want to taste real goooood food. Ever been to Pisa? No? Huge mistake. This tiny, wonderful city, just one hour away from its ‘big sister’, Florence, is a marvelous experience for your February in Europe with kids. Much quieter than the other months of the year, it is perfect time to explore it with children. No crowds, no stress: just me, you and your kids to discover more about the famous tower, the Battistero and all the secrets of Galileo Galilei and its inventions.

Tapsy Tour of Pisa with kids


South of France doesn’t only mean summer and Pastis, it is also a great destination for February in Europe with kids. Try me and come in February in Marseille, your starting point to visit the beautiful cities of Provence and taste the local food without standing in the line for hours. First of all, city tour with me! I’ll bring you to the Vieux Port, telling stories about pirates, then we will go for a strolling at the Panier, the oldest area of the city, where all the craftsmen are and the soap too! Le Savon de Marseille and its long tradition is ready to be discovered! Don’t forget to try the Calissons, typical treats of Provence. Kids will love them.

Tapsy Tour of Marseille with kids


Do you know any good reason to not get to London anytime? I will be there with my cup of tea to show children all the secrets of the British Capital. I’ve also written a proper guide to the city! And don’t forget that London is the city of free museums: after my tour, don’t miss a visit to the British Museum or the Tate Modern, no one better than kids love contemporary art.

Tapsy Tour of London with kids


Ocean in winter is sooo fascinating, and nothing is better than Lisbon to get amazed by the view of the sea and stroll around this incredible city. I’ll show you all the secrets: follow me to know why people didn’t want to get into Belem Tower or why everybody here wants to take public transports. Hey, don’t forget to buy a lot of Pastéis! I am crazy about them: the recipe, apparently, is a secret, I only know they’re too good and I want to eat them all!

Tapsy Tour of Lisbon with kids


If you really DON’T mind about cold (I don’t, I mean, I have my fur!), heading north is always a good idea. Stockholm in winter is THE city to be if you really want to enjoy nordic atmosphere. The city is basically built on water, it’s not Venice, of course, and luckily it doesn’t have billions of tourists like the Italian city. I’ll show you around through the beautiful buildings and nordic colors: on my booklet kids will find games, riddles and curiosities. The highlight? Vasa Museum! A huge 17th century’s boat will amaze kids and parents.


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