So many free things to do in Rome with kids! Ready to discover them all? Come with Tapsy and the Eternal city will have no more secrets for you family!

Autumn in Rome is something that every family should experiment once in a lifetime. The weather is perfect, it seems like a never ending summer in some days, and you can get the possibility to enjoy the city at its best, when the seasonal colors and sunsets match perfectly with the facades and the church all over the city centre. Visiting Rome doesn’t have to be an expensive experience, so here I am to suggest you some cheap or free things to do in Rome with kids. Hope you enjoy!

free things to do in rome with kids




One of the most beautiful attraction in one of the most beautiful square! You can’t tell you visited Rome if you don’t get inside the Pantheon. This place has been a roman temple, a church and also house of the tomb of the first king of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II, his son Umberto I and the queen Margherita di Savoia. Its particular ceiling is something that will make your kids say ‘wow!? for sure. Entrance is free! You should just be patience and stand in the line for few minutes, as it is always pretty crowded.

free things to do in rome with kids


Rome is the city of fountains and you can definitely add them to the free things to do in Rome with kids! Each fountain is a piece of art and history, most of them were made by famous artists like Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Don’t miss the Fountain of Four rivers in Navona square and the famous Barcaccia in Spagna Square, they are 2 of the must-see in the city.

free things to do in rome with kids


Do you know how many churches are in Rome? Over 900! It would take like 3 years to visit them all! But guess what? They are on the best things to do in Rome with kids, because you don’t pay any entrance and kids can get the chance to discover incredible highlights and masterpieces. A great free chance to learn a lot about italian history and see thing like the Michelangelo’s Pietà in San Pietro and some of the most famous Caravaggio paintings in San luigi dei Francesi church.

free things to do in rome with kids


Who said that you always have to pay to see the beautiful roman ruins? They are so many that they practically sorround the entire city centre. The roman forum, for exemple, is totally visible from Via dei Fori Imperiali and the Capitol Hill. Get the chance to admire it with me and your kids during a Tapsy tour of Rome (book here!), I will tell you secrets and curiosities about roman era. Another spot to NOT MISS is Largo Argentina and its stunning view on a roman Sacred area.

free things to do in rome with kids


It’s free, it’s fun, it brings fortune (they say!). Go to Trevi fountain, give a coin to your kids, tell them to turn their back to the fountain, make a wish and launch the coin in the fountain. Everybody know that dreams come true in the Eternal City!