If you are curious to discover the most interesting and fun facts about Florence, keep reading and make your wish come true!Pinocchio_curiosities about Florence_Tapsy Blog

How do I know so many fun facts about Florence? That’s because I spend a lot of time with the most curious beings par excellence: moles…ops kids! They are always eager to know as many curiosities as they can during my Tapsy Tour of Florence and how can I disappoint my little friends?



One of the most curious facts about Florence is about its bread. It’s not a secret that the inhabitants of Florence only use unsalted bread, but what’s interesting is the reason why they don’t use any salt to make it. According to an old legend, its origins can be found in the rivalry between Pisa and Florence. Almost one thousand years ago, when the two cities were antagonists, to force the enemy’s surrender, Pisa blocked the supply of salt to Firenze. But as, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”, Florence decided to start producing unsalted bread to go with its delicious tasty food!

unsalted bread of Florence_Tapsy Blog2. STENDHAL SYNDROME

Have you ever felt extremely confused for staring at a work of art? Well, that’s the Stendhal Syndrome! This phenomenon was first identified in Florence by the French author Stendhal while staring at the Basilica of Santa Croce. The Basilica is in fact so beautiful that Stendhal fell into “a sort of ecstasy” as the author said. Come and visit it with the Tapsy Tour of Florence to discover how it makes you feel!


Everybody knows that I am a food lover and I that I enjoy eating ice-cream above all. That’s why one of my favourite facts about Florence is related to the Italian ice-cream, the gelato. Many many years ago, let’s say in the Renaissance, the engineer Bernardo Buontalenti, added an egg to the ancient arabic sweet called “scherbet”, the forefather of sorbetto, and created the recipe for gelato! Click here to read my list of the best gelato places in Florence!

the origins of gelato_Tapsy Blog4. LILY

Why everywhere around Florence you can find either painted or carved the image of the Lily (Iris Fiorentina)? That’s because the Giglio di Firenze, how Italians call it, is the symbol of the city. The origins of this symbol are not sure. Some people say it can be dated back to the Romans, when celebrations in honor of goddess Flora used to take place. Others say it is just a result of the great number of Iris aspens in the capital of Tuscany. What is sure is that they really give Florence that unique appeal! Take part to the Tapsy Tour of Florence and try to spot them all with me!

fun facts about Florence_iris fiorentina_Tapsy Blog5. PINOCCHIO

In Italy kids are often said “if you lie, your nose will grow like Pinocchio’s”, that’s because Pinocchio is deeply-rooted in the Italian culture! In fact, the wooden puppet’s story comes from Collodi’s Italian novel “The Adventures of Pinocchio”. However, not many people know that Collodi spent most of his life in Florence and for this reason even a statue was dedicated to the naughty marionette in the capital of Tuscany!