Lisbon with kids is amazing! A kid friendly city to discover all year long. Here it is my personal travel tips to enjoy it like a local!

Lisbon with kids_Tapsy Tour of Lisbon for families with kids

Lisbon with kids is a fantastic destination you are looking for a memorable city break!

I’ve already told you stories about Lisbon, which of course I know very well, so here are some tips you can’t miss if you visit the city.

Families who visit Lisbon with kids will discover a great place with a wide selection of sights and things to do.

First of all, you should know that Portugal is a very family friendly place, so getting lost in Lisbon with kids is pretty easy and fun! The city is verte welcoming – for both kids and moles like me! – with many family friendly accommodations.

Lisbon with kids: PLAY- Lisbon’s International kids film festival

Spring and summer are not the only good periods to visit the city. Winter can hide lots of surprises!

One of the best is all devoted to kids!

PLAY- Lisbon’s International kids film festival is the first Portuguese film festival entirely devoted to kids and teenagers, with the aim to promote the access to culture for the young audience. about nine days totally dedicated to children up to 13 years. Check it out here.

Lisbon with kids

Lisbon with kids: A Ride on the telecabine

One of my favorite place is probably the telecabine, that runs above the river’s edge at Parque das Nacoes. Flying over the river, you will see the Oceanarium (please visit it, it’s brilliant!), the MEO Arena and Vasco da Gama tower. Kids will love going up and down on the telecabine, it is always good look at the world from another point of view! Sometimes I have dizziness, I confess, but life is about going for adventures, so let’s go for a ride!

Lisbon in Portugal with kids with Tapsy Tours

Lisbon with kids: Eat Pasteis de Nata

Did you ever tried Pasteis de Nata? They are like my favorite dessert! Authentic Portuguese recipe, the Pasteis are custard tarts with a rich egg custard nestled in shatteringly crisp pastry. Kids will love it! What’s better than a typical local recipe to taste the authentic atmosphere of a place like Lisbon?

Pasteis de Nata on Tapsy Blog

Lisbon with kids: A ride on the Tram 28

Yes, I know, I told you before, but hey! Kids’ can’t miss a ride on the 28! Hop on early in the morning or late in the evening, to avoid the crowd. Go along the entire route of the tram, it will be a memorable time for children! This is an easy and fun way for kids to enjoy the city and don’t get too tired. Remember, Lisbon has several hills and climbs.

Lisbon is spread over seven hills so be prepared to be walking up and down hills a lot!

Don’t forget that streets of Lisbon are lined with distinctive cobbles, so it would be a bit difficult for prams with small wheels.

All cafes will have free tap water: always ask for a ‘copo de agua’, when ordering coffees  and drinks!

There are few public toilets in Lisbon but all cafes will have toilets for emergency stops.

Tapsy Tour of Lisbon for families with kids

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