If you are wondering what to bring with you in your travel to Helsinki with kids and babies, this map will definitely be a good start!Family tour of Helsinki with Tapsy Tours

Helsinki will be an amazing discovery for the whole family, especially if you have a special guide, like ME, with you!


Although Helsinki is a very kid-friendly city, baby changing facilities will not be everywhere in the city. Discover with me where to find them to plan your daily travel activities!


This huge shopping centre (one of the biggest in the whole Finland), is provided with so much as 5 baby changing facilities! The baby changing facilities are not just changing stations, but spacious stylish rooms with microwave oven to heat babies’ food. Moreover, from the information desk you can borrow strollers and even tags for your children to note your telephone number it case they get lost. Several playgrounds for children are available in the centre, as well as a childrens’ indoor park called Naurusaari. Not enough? Around holidays, Jupu Pupu, the mascot of Jumbo entertains kids at the shopping centre. Do you already know Tapsy’s mascot? Look how it get gets prepared for its holidays!

Sibelius monument in Helsinki with kids: Tapsy Tours


This cafè is very well organized to host children. As a matter of fact, it organizes baby brunches and it is provided with a play area for children, high chairs and baby changing facilities. As it is situated next to Market Square (Kauppatori in Finnish), the market where you can buy anything from souvenirs to fresh fish, during my  Tapsy Tour of Helsinki I often pass near it.


This department store, located at a few steps from Senate Square, with its comfy baby changing facilities, is a great place to get prepared before starting the Tapsy Tour of Helsinki with kids.

Tapsy Tour of Helsinki with kids


Musiikkitalo is a very kid-friendly music centre. In fact, the cafè of the centre is spacious enough to store baby carriages and it is equipped with high chairs for kids and a microwave oven to heat toddlers’ food. Musiikkitalo is also the last step of the most engaging family tour in Helsinki: Tapsy Tour! With its children-friendly activities and staff, it is the best way to explore Senate Square, Market Square, Esplanadi Park, Temppeliaukio Church, Sibelius Park and Musiikkitalo with your children!

Baby changing facilities in Helsinki on Tapsy Blog


This fashion and design shopping center, located next to Esplanadi park, is provided with baby changing rooms within the street level and the second floor toilets. It is in fact a great place for a “baby stop” during my Tapsy Tour of Helsinki!

Helsinki with kids with Tapsy Tours for Families with kids


Kamppi shopping center, located in the district’s namesake, on the 3rd floor is provided with a child care room where you can play with your children or feed them. The room is in fact equipped with a microwave oven, high chairs and baby changing facilities. How do I know it? Because it is very to Tempellaukio Church, one of the stops of the Tapsy Tour of Helsinki!

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What to do in Helsinki with kids: Tapsy Tours

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