3 great itineraries for travel Italy on the road with kids you can’t absolutely miss! Follow Tapsy!

Make a trip and discover Italy on the road with kids is always a fantastic idea! It allows to explore unknown places and avoiding all that super-crowded spots where everybody goes. As you know, I am a mole and I like to dig to new places, so I can bring you to new, fabulous adventures…and to some tour with me, of course! Ready to go? Follow the mole!


On the stunning mountains of Abruzzo

Not only Alps are famous in Italy, but also the incredible Appennino, which goes from Tuscany to Calabria region and cross Abruzzo, making this place a real dream for those who like to hike and trek. The Majella and the Gran Sasso are 2 big mountain ranges full of wonders and surprises. Italy on the road with kids will be a fantastic journey here. Little kid-friendly villages, fantastic trekking and many outdoor activities for families. Take a look here for more info. Coming to Rome then? I will wait for you to live a great Tapsy tour together!

italy on the road with kids

By the amazing sea of Cilento, Campania

Not far away from Naples, the southern coastal part of Campania is all open to be discovered for families with kids. One of the best path to live italy on the road with kids. The sea is amazing, with big sandy beaches made for kids. Food is spectacular and very local and biological. Wild nature and archeological parks mark the beauty of this area, which is also a National Park. Not far away lies Pompeii, which you can visit with me doing a Tapsy Tour!

italy on the road with kids italy on the road with kids

Italy on the road with kids: discovering the Murgia in Apulia

The wildest part of Apulia (Puglia) is most probably the Murgia park, an internal area which marks the border with Basilicata. You can drive for hours across olive trees and mild countryside, always kissed by the sun. Don’t miss to indulge in some nice Masseria to taste local products and have some relax with kids, which are always welcome. Not far away from here, Alberobello and its amazing trulli are waiting for you and guess what? There’s a Tapsy tour available to let kids discover all the secrets of this curious buildings!

italy on the road with kids

What are you waiting for? Travel with me!






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