If you are heading to Italy with kids this spring-summer, you can’t absolutely miss the events and exhibitions related to Leonardo da Vinci’s 500th anniversary! A great learning experience for kids, an amazing family time. Come with Tapsy!

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Hey, spring is here, and so do thousands of things to do in Italy with kids. If you and your family are planning a journey through the most TAPSYlicious of the peninsulas, you should know that 2019 is a great anniversary year for Italy: they celebrate 500 years from Leonardo da Vinci’s death and it’s plenty of exhibitions and events all over the Country. 

This is the perfect excuse to do a very kid-friendly tour accross the major Italian cities and – of course – some Tapsy Tours with me!



Travelling to Rome? No better moment than spring beginning to enjoy the marvelous Eternal City and some special events about Leonardo da Vinci. Here it is my program: you can choose between 2 different Tapsy Tours here, Classic or Ancient Rome. You will stroll with me around the city, I will show children everything they need to know about history, art and culture, with my precious booklet full of games and riddles! After the tour, go straight to Scuderie del Quirinale and discover Leonardo’s world at the exhibition “La scienza prima della scienza” (Science before science). A deep journey into the world of the genius, an engaging way to discover how Leonardo introduced the definition of science into the world. 

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When in Italy with kids, don’t forget the countryside! Tuscany is one of the most famous place-to-be if you are looking for an amazing family time between little cities, small villages, nature and the history of the very beginning of modern Italian language. Rent a car and go straight to Vinci, hometown of Leonardo. It is located half way between Florence and Pisa, so it is perfect to combine a Tapsy Tour of the two cities and a visit to Leonardo Da Vinci’s museum, which is actually hosting the exhibition “Leonardo e l’anatomia” (Leonardo and the anatomy). A fascinating journey through his discoveries about human body and its mysteries. The museum also hosts a collection of Leonardo machines. And by the way, Vinci is lovely! 

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Milan is slowly and constantly becoming a huge touristic attraction: not just business and fashion in this serious Italian city, but innovation and culture are making Milan one of the most visited places in Italy with kids. Spring is a good time to enjoy the city and many events related to Leonardo Da Vinci had a very special relationship with Milan, he lived there for about 20 years, working for Ludovico il Moro. Anytime of the year (by pre-booking) you can admire the famous Cenacolo at Santa Maria delle Grazie, but this year, for 9 months, the whole city will celebrate the great genius with many events and exhibitions. Castello Sforzesco will be the main venue of the celebrations, it will host the exhibition “Leonardo e la Sala delle Asse”: this room was made by Leonardo himself, with amazing paintings that reveal a lot about his artistic-scientific mind. Learning is always a great adventure for kids, and Leonardo da Vinci is probably the most kid-friendly genius in Italy, don’t miss him!



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